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Indefinite DLA to PIP declined so appeal tribunal - Carers UK Forum

Indefinite DLA to PIP declined so appeal tribunal

All about money
I have multiple health issues although somehow I am also managing to look after my Mum along with her 4 carers. I must admit it is a struggle and I have had to move mountains to try and get my Mum sorted out with quality carers.
My problem is my own DLA being stopped to change to PIP but my "indefinite DLA mobility" was not enough to qualify for any PIP mobility at all!
So my Cit. Advice Lady Advisor sent in Mandatory Reconsideration - that was declined
Then she applied for Appeal Tribunal and I am waiting for the paperwork.
My trouble is that I will need some support at the Tribunal because whilst I can manage somehow to speak up for my Mum and challenge everything for her either on the phone or in writing - when it comes to my own problems I suffer severe stress and struggle to speak clearly - to put it bluntly I develop a severe stutter.
The stutter then disolves into a breakdown (part of my health issues is stress triggered mental breakdowns)
I understand that the Citizens Advice people do not support physically attending Tribunals etc and I have asked my local Advocacy to help me - but they too do not support people at Tribunals
I then contacted a Solicitor but it seems that whilst causing all sorts of problems for ill and disabled people by cutting off benefits the Government have also cut off Legal Aid for Benefit Challenge Cases.
No way can I afford to pay a solicitor to help me so it seems that I am stuck.
My health issues include Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia - which create terrible mobility problems for me and I have to pace myself when doing things and definiately cannot manage to walk any distance at all without severe pain issues.
Currently my RA/F has been raging because of all the stress of the DLA to PIP and also my Mother's problems.
The RA/F will not ever go away indeed it is getting worse and my Consultant is going to raise my medications to try to bring it back under control.
I don't want to go and find myself not being able to speak out to explain my health issues because I know that it will be too much for me.
I am not too sure what happens at Tribunals because I have never ever been but I do know that I need someone with me to support me or speak on my behalf. My Daughter might be able to go with me but she is a Nurse and they are short staffed at her hospital so will probably have to be on duty at the time - also she has no knowledge of legal issues relating to PIP etc.
Does anybody have any advice or where I can get help with the Tribunal please?
http://www.advicenow.org.uk/guides/how- ... dAnAdviser
https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/appe ... sideration
https://community.scope.org.uk/discussi ... -in-4-days

You really need someone with you who knows about you medical issues. A family member would be most useful.
A person who really knows you well a best friend.
Are you a member of any care groups in your area.
Look for a Welfare Rights advisory agency in your area

or a voluntary organisation which specialises in one of the conditions from which you suffer
As soon as you now the date of the hearing, ask your daughter to apply for a days leave to support ou at the hearing.
System is set up to deny it to those that need it, thus the whole point of moving people from DLA to PIP in first place. Especially when you consider for every person that challenges the decision, others aren't going to know any better and just accept it, going without (which is a travesty).

You need to get others involved namely CAB/welfare services.. I recently had to go through similar migrating a lifetime award caree (severely disabled life shortening condition etc) onto PIP and that was a headache even though they literally can't do anything for themselves.

Its also pretty disgusting how much money is being made by health services in cases where a carer needs to access medical records of a person that lacks capacity (i.e. acting in a guardian/POA/deputy capacity). Where they get away with charging up to £50 for records not stored electronically - which tends to be most of it if their history spans several decades.
Mildly, did the medical practitioner visit yo at home? And spend about an hour plus with you asking you questions