Income support when a carer?

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No my income support is from 7th of June IV not heard from carers allowance yet.
Aw right sorry i mis read the post
That's ok. I tend to write so much in my posts that sometimes I can't even make sense of it :D
Same here lol

Another update :D

I received a reply from the advice line this morning the woman who emailed told me that I am correct in that I don't need Carers allowance to claim income support and that the adviser I spoke to from income support was wrong and has most likely got the benefits mixed up and instead of saying that my income support will stop if I don't get carers allowance she said what she should have said is if my mom doesn't get pip then my IS will stop. That's were the mix up has most likely happened. She also said if they continue to say the same she said to get back in touch and they will support me in proving that what the advisers are saying is wrong :D so I feel loads better now
glad our advisor was able to put your mind at rest Zara :)
Hope your Mum gets her PIP granted !