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Income support carers allowence

All about money
Hi I get income support as I a carer for my best friend who has multipul health issues I get carers allowence for her my husband get pip so I do get a boost in money ... I Amon all correct benefits lol

I am asking people how to deal with job centre I got them to lay off for 1st year seen them once but now I see them every 3 this doesn't bother me what dose is that she wants me to get a job. Here is what I do

7am wake up
7:40 leave house to get bus
8:30 arrive at best friends house to care (unless doing shopping 1st for her then 9:00)
Do all my things I do brecky lunch dinner pill check organising doctors and ever thing under sun from cleaning to catching her if she faints)
4:30 leave house
4:40 get bus
5:30 arrive home
5:40 start my n husbands dinner and serve
6:30 clean up my house and do the bits that need doing
... My husband is aspbergis so from now it making sure he had all his meds and to see is I need to call any one for tomorrow for him get him to have shower or what have u till bed n even then he suffers with night terrors so keep him ok

N I start over again and that a gr8 day lol I no u all will relate to that

My question is how the hell am I ment to work in that I am at best friends mon-fri I basically am home when her husband home shift change we call it he got to work as he got morge to pay .. But weekends I with my husband sort him out and yer he not worse case of aspbergis but he only goes out with me or his best friend n I need down time as well

I just feel at a loss as job centre say I'll be better off but in my mind I won't and how could I leave something I love doing I can help my best friend in her time of need... I was going in to the care sector any way so I getting job experience. Can any one give advice ?

the carers centre have told them to lay off before as they no me really well as they no how much work I put In but i wanted to see if any other option before going there and have a advocate come in sit in and in the nicest way posible say to them if she done a full day work how can u ask her to do more u wouldn't. I work to get everything right n nothing stops me I healthy n I not stressed by what I do (I suffered badly with stress so much so as I have a degrading wrist problem because of this ..n now even though most people would say how can't it stress me out I have every think in place for any situation n since I took on what I do I dont get pain n I enjoy life).

Sorry for the ramble n sorry for incorrect spelling just getting annoyed I no job centre gave targets but I just want to scream wen u want me to work or should I say sleep or get a hobbie

Sorry n thanks heather
O I also look after my best friends little girl as best friend had stroke and can't remember everything so I Gotta do that with her as well lol just to add to my todo list

Btw I am 25 best friend 25 hubby 24 n little girl 2 (mayjor health issues) spinal bifita, fluid in spine, teathered spinal cord list goes on
Hi ,i have just gone for a work focused interview at the job center this morning ,the woman i saw was very understanding ,all she wanted to know if my details were the same ,perhaps she was the one person in the DWP with a spark of humanity in her .
Hi all,
The same thing happened to me just over a year ago. I got the appointment, I took my wife in her wheelchair with me (she has M.S., 41 years). Told her I was a carer, this is my wife I look after her, i.e., I'm her carer. She looked said ok after a little chat about nothing really. She did show me what she put on the screen. And then thanked me for my attendance that morning. And I left. About three months ago I had the same interview on the phone no problems, all ok until the next time.