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As an extra to carers allowance I receive Income Support. I am told I do not need an HC2 form as Income Support automatically gives me free prescriptions and to just take my letter along.

The chemist refuses to accept my letter because it was dated 30th dec 2016. I have asked about another with a 2017 date and been told I do not need one as the letter clearly covers 2017. This is true it does cover 2017.

The only problem now is I have contacted boots who only pass me back to my local shop and they still refuse the letter. Obviously there is no midway point and I am wondering where I go from here? I try to collect all scripts for everyone at the same time or the chemist complains I keep genetating a queue as they can never find which one I am after. I always aim to go at quiet times to collect. I feel I am doing my part but they are being spectacularly awkward about it all.

What is my next move?
I'm wondering if your GP will do a covering letter for you? You all clearly need the medication or it wouldn't be prescribed!! How get difficult of the chemist. 30th December is the end of the year for goodness sake.
Well if nothing else it made me giggle. My gp is currently on sick leave with a view to retire next month. The last gp I saw was very unimpressed that as I'd had an asthma attack and had been advised to increase my steroid inhaler for a short while I needed a new one before my repeat script was due. I was told in no uncertain terms I should not be using any inhaler and I was left begging for a new one. I'm not sure they would be too forthcoming with a letter but I will try when I'm next near the surgery.

Thank you for being so understanding I was starting to feel as though I was being unreasonable.
Sall could you use another, more helpful, pharmacy ?

I have the choice of a couple for my repeat scripts and after the first one messed up I changed to the second and haven't had a problem since.
I will speak to Tesco when I'm next in there, but the other two local ones are boots so would get the same service or lack of. I just wish it could be easier and all in the one place although if Tesco make me feel less guilty that would be very nice.
I've generally found that the supermarket pharmacies are very good - PLUS they're often open later and on Sundays !
As I understand it, you sign the back of the prescription form to say you are eligible to exemption, and that's that. Not the role of the chemist to act as some sort of "police", demanding evidence of exemption.
Some years ago, my son with learning difficulties had a fine for £100,as he had apparently claimed he was exempt, but the relevant department could find no record of him claiming benefit at his address.
As he has LD, I manage all his benefits, and so they all get sent to my address, not where he lives. I sent a letter of explanation and the fine was cancelled.
I'm telling you this to show that the exemption is checked somewhere other than the chemists. Hope that helps. Might be worth contacting our CUK helpline to clarify the exact wording of the exemption etc., they will have it all somewhere, they're brilliant.
This is what I have done in the past, just tick the box and carried on. However, this particular lady is very fussy and I even have to prove Nan is over 60 each time I collect a script from her. The rest of the team are fine about it. It's the second time she's asked for my evidence and she said if I don't have it next time I either pay or no prescription if I don't have the right evidence. I had a feeling it must be checked elsewhere and not in store but wasn't really sure. Not that it would matter it's not as if she's responsive when I say something, I tried pointing out the letter was for 2017 and got told she was busy and me wasting her time was not acceptable.

I thought I'd pop to the pharmacy in Tesco when I shop this week and see what they say. I suspect because I've also been unwell the hassle of sorting this has left me feeling out of my depth more than normal and as if I'm being very unreasonable, either way I'm thrilled to hear that I'm okay with what evidence I have and that they shouldn't be checking.

Thank you so much your help and support really does mean an awful lot to me.
The stupid woman shouldn't be asking for proof that you are over 60.
Just after my 60th I took a prescription to the chemist, who has known me for a long time. I said I supposed I should admit to being over 60 to get free prescriptions. He laughed and said he knew anyhow, it was printed on the prescription! So have a look and see if it's on nan's,next time you get one.
I HATE "jobsworth" people.
Ah yes I will look, I never realised but that's brilliant I wouldn't have thought about looking. I think she's recently become store manager and is enjoying the authority a little okay a lot too much.