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Riots ?? - Carers UK Forum

Riots ??

All about money
I have just been listening to radio 4 You and Yours while doing the ironing.
First topic was on the changes/cuts to the welfare payments that start to kick in on Monday in some cases.
They spent some time chatting to a CAB manager and they are expecting a hellish busy few months.
They also chatted to a Professor, sorry I forget his name.
He told that this government has made a unprecedented demand on the poorest in the country to take the burden of savings.
He also told that there are many studies out there that show with this degree of poverty and hardship public uprising/ resentment that often lead to riots.
While I would deplore any law breaking maybe just such a showing would force this government to relook at the plans or if there are so sure of them that go to the country and prove it.
Even now heard that Ian Duncan Smith has quietly stopped Crisis Loans for those that qualify.
Now only short term loans if benefit s delayed.
We don’t qualify but no many who use them for items such as beds etc.
I really despair at the shame of living in a country ruled by heartless rich people who seem determined to make the poorest suffer while bankers bonus and huge salaries for top civil servants continue Image
I totally agree Lowrider, this poorest in this country are being put back to the dark ages! People haviong to go to food banks in this day and age is awful!
I predict riots and looting when the Universal Credit comes in and people are responsible for paying the landlord the rent they have been given by benefits, I suspect that there will be thousands or millions that will end up in arrears and get evicted so they will resort to other means to get money
Totally agree, it is shameful what this Government is doing. What can you expect from a cabinet populated by multi-millionaires? The gap between the rich and poor is just growing and growing. Heard some idiot politician on the radio justifying the reduction in council tax benefit as a way of getting people back into work - how does it do that? The way to get people back to work is to create jobs and growth, and to invest in education and training. There are millions of people on benefits, but not millions of jobs available.
What a load of tosh these people speak.

We have had "riots/uprising" in the form of the poll tax riots years ago and I doubt very much if those that were directly involved in the violence that happened then were people in genuine need and suffering, just those who like to turn up when there is ruck going on.

I was slap bang in the middle of both sets of Brixton riots in the 80's (I lived there at the time), and was around when the riots of a year and half ago took place - my daughter and her baby were directly in the firing line then as they lived in Hackney.
In all these instances, riots away from Westminster, it was nothing to do with politics but police action and the consequences thereof. It has sweet s*d all to do with poverty and it was the rest of us that lived there, many on the poverty line themselves, that had to pay the price afterwards. I often wonder if those that say "good for them" would feel the same way if it was their locality that was ripped apart or their family under siege..I can guarantee they wouldn't.

I want to see how they can possibly implement these changes. If council tax isn't paid, they can refer the matter to bailiffs. No joy there then it is referred to court, if someone is on benefits the court can only ask for so much in payments and so on. And remember, we are talking about thousands of people here, not hundreds.

Same with the bedroom tax, are they really going to evict everyone who can't pay? There isn't enough accommodation as it is but by this action they will need to find places for all those they are telling to downsize.
Will a magistrate throw out a carer and their caree because they cannot pay the tax? I don't think so somehow. There have got to be changes because we all know cases were people are in social housing that is too big for their needs but as usual, the government aim for those most vulnerable.

It sickens me.
And for the record, I think what is happening is despicable but let's get real - protest is one thing but who in a carers position has the time to go out looting?
Of course people will jump on the band wagon for no more reason then they enjoy the buzz or feel they are striking back.
I in no way say “good for them”.
But a riot in a field isn’t going to get much attention. Image
Yet the Brixton and Poll tax riots are now part of history.
Same as race riots in the UK and USA.
No it will not be great for those living near them, I too had friends in London recently watching it happen on their doorstep.
But as always bad news is news and those in power hate the spotlight in those cases.
If it takes that then it takes that
I for one am sick of being loaded on and on.
There comes a point when enough is enough and you either break or fight back.
That time is now i feel
I wasn't suggesting that you held the 'good for them' beliefs lowrider but there are plenty who did and still do. I take on board everything you say but would you riot, you personally? Who would you target, the well policed areas in Westminster where government cook up their schemes? Or would you, or anyone else who feels this way be prepared to loot and take apart local shops? Smash up cars and set them on fire? Terrify people who are scared to come out their own homes in case they are attacked too?
Riots in a field is not what is on my mind but my daughter screaming that she thought her flat was on fire, because of smoke pouring under the door from burning cars, is. These things may be history to those on the sidelines but for those directly involved at the time, they are not. Because it is ideology to think that only the 'guilty' get hurt by these actions, far too many innocent do too.
I don't have an answer, nor do I have a suggestion to make changes-I wish to hell I did because we are being hit by these changes too. But I would not take part in anything that would hurt those who are also struggling. Yes, the time is now but how far would we personally each be prepared to go or would we expect others to do the hands on work on our behalf?
I am very aware that this may come across as argumentative but I am not trying to pick an argument. I know people are angry and desperate, it makes my blood boil and those here who have met me know I have little time for politicians and their crap. But aggressive rioting is something I can't support. I know many will feel differently and I do understand that.
No as i said i would not riot but a wave of protests needs to be set in motion.
Many have occured today but as i also said that some people will take that as a reason to commit crime and violence.
Thats life in todays world with or without a protest.
I know which i feel is the best option
I would never agree to violent protest, please don't get that idea. I have taken part in a few Unison organized protests in my time, but I have never got violent Image I just despair of this Government, and politics in general at the moment I'm afraid.
I would never agree to violent protest, please don't get that idea. I have taken part in a few Unison organized protests in my time, but I have never got violent Image I just despair of this Government, and politics in general at the moment I'm afraid.
Amen to that. Image