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Incapacity Benefit

All about money
I dunno if this is in the right place or not but Trish has just recieved a letter from the DWP stating that the benefit she is receiving is changing.It states that they need to assess her for employment and support allowance.Basically it means they think she may be eligable to work.Nothing could be further from the truth she cannot work and the stupid idiots know that.Its says they will ring her within 2 weeks of the date on the top of the letter.Then they will send a form out to be filled in with as much detail of her illness as possible.Has anyone else got owt like this ? its that bloody idiot in downing street that is determind to get folks back to work.There is no way Trish could work.Shed need someone with her all the time plus a hoist to get her on to the toilet are they gunna put up with all that plus she suffers IBS so can have bowel movement big time at any time of the day.Im sure no employer would put up with that all the time.Cameron get a life you effing moron.Shes clearly upset about it.Have tried to ring em but as usual you get shoved in a queue on the fone.All we can do is wait for em to ring and try to get it through to the thick gets.Chances are its a mistake like the last time they sent a letter about back to work interview we chased that one up and they said it was a mistake should never have been sent.They dont realise the upset they cause.
John, I think there is expert advice on the forum somewhere but in the meantime..

as far as I know, Incap is finishing and everyone will either be moved to the ESA support group (for those unable to work at all) or WRAG group (for those that are considered capable.

I believe everyone will be re-assessed regardless..there may be exceptions but Incap is definitely going to be phased out.
John,a form had to be filled in for my son last year,20 pages long. He has Downs Syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes,he wouldn't even be able to understand the questions, let alone go into detail about the answers.It took nearly a month to get it finished,and get supporting evidence.I asked what would happen if it was not filled in, and was told it was my legal obligation to do so.
Many are being put through this horror now John, it is very frightening.
Good luck with applying for it.
Thanks for that info Lazydaisy and ladybird Image Yeah i do know they are to have a go at just about everyone who is on benefits.We shall collate as much info as we can from such as the GP,DN's and probably the Carers.I guess its gunna be a nightmare to do it but do it we will and provide em with all the proof they need that Trish is not able to work.Its crazy isnt it all these changes are just causing uneccessary upset for people.
Hi John,
Yes, we went through all that a short while ago for my son. As Incapacity Benefit is being phased out, most of us have to go through this process.
It was extremely stressful filling in the 20 page form especially as a lot of it was tick boxes and often our relevant answer was not included in the options! eg "How often can you go out alone?" - there was not a box for "Never". I don't know if they have changed the form since then but we just wrote as much detail as possible, not ticking any of the boxes if they did not provide the right answer and writing a description instead. We were totally honest but ensured that we included worst case scenarios. We included copies of his Community Care Assessment and Continuing Health Care Assessment and ensured that we kept copies of our completed forms before posting them off.
After a stressful wait, we were told that my son did not need to attend for an interview and qualified for ESA in the Support Group. What a relief! Even though we always knew that he couldn't work we still found it a very difficult process.
The one positive thing however, was that the new ESA payment was actually a bit higher than the old IB Image
Ellcee,that is exactly what we did. If a tick box did not show an appropriate answer,we did not tick any.I did it all on the computer and my daughter wrote it up on the form for me and we added information separately.
I also had to fill in a form for my registered blind husband,who could not see to do it himself.I was told that blind people have virtually always got a Carer with them who can fill it in!Neither of us had the energy to fight,as this is clearly discrimination.I have heard of many visually impaired people who are struggling with the same thing.
i am going to have to go through all this with Sarah soon and I am dreading it!
I was recently asked to help somebody fill in an ESA 50 form. I had never seen one before but found an excellent information page by googling ESA50 form assistance. It explains the answers to give to ensure that the claimant is not pressed into seeking work if they are incapable. The format is an ESA 50 form with the protocol overprinted on it. (sorry I am hopeless with links) After that it was easy. Within three days the ESA had been awarded at the lower rate of £71 per week and another form to fill in within a month for assessment of the next payment from thirteen weeks on. The lady was delighted, and it was soooo simple we couldn`t believe it.

Hope this helps.xx
I don't want to digress but couldn't resist.

When I filled out the form a few years back, I felt the same about the options given not being applicable.
I was so pis*ed off at the sly and underhanded way they did it, I felt compelled to add some important information.
I returned the form to the swines complete with my own little "boxes" that I had drawn in with the suitable option added. I guess I was lucky they didn't return it but I pointed out that the options they had were not sufficient so there had been no choice.

Made me feel a whole lot better Image