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Should I be a "registered" carer for my husband? - Carers UK Forum

Should I be a "registered" carer for my husband?

All about money
Will make it brief! hubby been ill for last 20 yrs or more...he gets high rate mobility and low rate care, pension credit and something for me (he is 78 I am 57) I have not worked in this time as have looked after him....but I am "not"! registered as his carer...never have been..we have been married over 30 yrs..but on talking to people recently..they are surprised I am not a registered carer? I have tried to look into it but it seems we would be no better..off..so I have never approached it.Any advice would be welcome Image
Because your hubby is only on low rate care you cant get Carers allowance for him which I think is ridiculous as you care for him! Maybe that's what people mean by registered carer.
ok thanks Image
He's 78 shouldn't he be on attendance allowance, which would enable you to get Carers allowance on your hubby AA low or high rate. Maybe its time to look at moving it over to AA?
As your hubby illness got worse over time? these last 20 years?
Hi royd...
thanks for reply..and yes his illness has got worse....4 yrs ago we stair lift and wet room put in via local council grant he is also now on nebuliser...I have tried reading into things,but I seem to think that because he is on the High rate motability (which we use for a vehicle) that we cannot also have attendance allowance...that we have to give up the higher rate motbilty component. But I may be mistaken. He has worsened, but sometimes making changes doesn't do you any favours but then I am not quite sure.We could not manage without the car, although he is going out less and less these days. maybe I should seek further impartial advice, thanks
If your not in paid work or any benefit yourself, you won't have paid any national insurance, so that will be a problem when you come to get your pension, i'm really not sure on this but someone could clear that bit of confusion up.
royd I thought of that as if you are caring for someone and getting Carers allowance then your NI stamp is paid something called Home Responsibilitys or similar.
No not in paid work there fore I have not paid any insurance...it is only now at 57 that I have come to realise these things...no one ever pointed me in that direction, so we just sort of plodded along......thanks for any help from you all...I will start to try and look into things... Image