Iain Duncan Smith: I could live on £53 a week

All about money
Have to agree with Lazydaisy, the driver was a police officer in a police vehicle.
To be fair, Osbourne didn't know his driver had parked in a disabled bay, illegally, he was dropped off to shop at the service station while the driver parked.

Even so, we, the public, still think it's NOT ON that ministerial cars should be allowed to take up a disabled parking bay for people who are out to cut services to disabled people. If Osbourne can be dropped off to shop at a service station unattended without taking up a disabled bay in the first place, he could quite easily have walked a few bays to a non-disabled bay back to the car.

NO excuses!
To be fair, if Mr Osborne couldn't see that he was in a disabled bay as he exited the car, he probably needed it. Image

No sense of "oops, can you move the car to a different spot?" - but a sense of entitlement. If security was an issue, where was the minder?
If he was dropped off to shop then there was no need for the driver to park in a disabled bay, he could have parked anywhere and gone for the car when Osborne was ready.
No excuse at all for this.
IDS is a total eejit ..plain and simple ....of course he could never live off £53 per week..and why would he even need to prove it? ...saying what he said shows how shallow he is..personally and professionally....and as for george osborne ...well he is a numpty...born on the other side of the duvet to the rest of us ..nothing to be ashamed off...but not appropriate when you start preaching to the rest of society of how it SHOULD be ... ....another eejit....the Tories are demonstrating arrogance beyond belief......in the meantime we have to get on with our day to day lives...and for some...affected profoundly by these eejits and thier policy making... Image