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I've got a query about carer's allowance not being backdated - Carers UK Forum

I've got a query about carer's allowance not being backdated

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Hello everyone there's something I was hoping people might be able to advise me on.

My mum has been awarded attendance allowance and I therefore have been awarded carer's allowance after I applied...however it wasn't backdated to all the way back to when I first became a carer....rather it was backdated to when my mum first received her attendance allowance.....the reason they have stated is because I didn't apply within 3 months of when I first became a carer. The thing being:

- I didn't apply within the first 3 months because I thought you could only be awarded carer's allowance if the person cared for was receiving attendance allowance

- so following on from the above....the person cared for could only receive attendance allowance after they've gone 6 months being cared for.

Essentially are these two points correct and then if so is it just one of those things or perhaps more a case of the government making it impossible to claim by setting rules that can't be adhered to....and then either way is there anything I could do to take it further .....appeal etc.

Hoping anyone could advise me.

Many thanks
I honestly dont know the answer, but I expect someone will. On the face of it, as AA is a key trigger for CA, then I would have thought they would pay CA from the date of the actual award of AA, but good luck anyway, there is no harm in asking is there?
I must say that I thought you could only apply for carers allowance if the person you were caring for received DLA/AA at the middle or higher rate.
Have you tried contacting Age UK? The advice line for Carers UK is very good at this sort of thing - Id email them actually, rather than trying to phone.
I have an idea that under certain circumstances, you don't have to wait for a 6 month qualifying period for AA - possibly when it is obvious that the problem isn't going to get better. Obviously a broken leg will get better, whereas dementia won't. I think it would be useful if someone from CUK could comment here about the exact wording, as I have a sneaky suspicion that a lot of people could be missing out as a result of a misunderstanding.
Hi- can't answer the original question but I just thought I'd say you can get CA if your caree gets lower rate AA just in case the above comment put anyone off claiming .
Back to the original point in question- I know my CA was only awarded from date of my claim and not back dated to start of carees AA. I never challenged it so I think they get away with a lot before we get round to claiming. It seems quite comment to take on more and more before we even think we might count as a carer, by which time we've probably been caring for a few years!
I got mine back dated a year from when claim stated but there is a form u need to fill out explain circumstances and tell them why you you didn't apply and the extent on the health conditions they will have them on file but it makes it a lot easyer and quicker when u give them all the information see what they say can contact you carers centre they will help you in the right direction they got me n my friend (who I care for ) a advocate to help as it is a mine field
That's good news Heather. Hope you managed to have a special treat as a result?!
Well done Heather- this web site is brilliant but seems most of us come upon it too late in the day and miss out somewhere. There really should be a big push for carers to recognise that this is what they are right from the start. It seems to be a slow realisation for so many of us and then we realise we should have done things sooner.
I am so glad I found this web site and if I can help someone show that every think does work out and this web sight is a god send
It's not in this government's interests to publicise what people are entitled to as the government is going to have to pay more to people!! Long ago, the DWP had specialist advisors who would give talks and consultations to groups. I invited them to our group and almost every mum found that she was entitled to additional money. Sadly, these advisors no longer seem to exist. Whenever I meet someone who is newly disabled or diagnosed, I throw into the conversation the fact that they might be entitled to some relevant benefit. Two friends now drive Motability cars named after me!! If the government won't spread the word, I will. I once met a family with a Downs syndrome son. For over 20 years they didn't know that he was entitled to benefits. Think of all the financial hardship, the lost holidays, etc. If someone thanks me for my help, I ask that in return, they spread the word to someone else in a similar situation.