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I think I need help and advice

All about money
Thank you for your kind words,
Social services in Enfield have always been like this.
I was in care until I was 13 years old about the worst time to turn someone's life upside down. I hated it there, the matron did not like me and I was given 6 chores to do daily while everyone else had one, is it any wonder I had a little resentment that would sometimes boil over into a blind rage. I then went to live with my mother and her partner who I did not get on with and then went to live with my uncles who were unable to look after me, I was then put into an assessment centre, that's what they called it, it was more like a detention centre for young crimminals and then they put me in a psychiatric hospital for some reason?? I was not put there by a doctor. I was then put on prescription drugs that I became addicted to. I got thrown out of there (who gets thrown out of a hospital if they are ill?) I was ment to be taken off of the drugs slowly but was not, one was a sedative and the other was an antidepressant, so suffered sleeplessness and depression for years after. After being thrown out of the hospital I was again put in the assessment centre until I was 16 and then all care stopped. This is the treatment that I received from social services.
So maybe you can understand why I have little or no faith in social services.
At last we have some progress.
Went to the doctors again today and just waited until a doctor was free to see us. My uncles doctor is on holiday for a few months so we got to see the best doctor there, she read through his notes and from her point of view it was plain too see he needed to be referred by someone to social services so she is writing a letter to them, then we will see what other obstacles they want to put in our way.

On a side note, both of my uncles went to the same special school why would social services just not bother with them after they left that school in 1966. I was in care until 1979, social workers met with them about me surely they would have noticed they both had learning disabilities?
Good news, glad the visit went well.
Just a little more progress we've got an appointment for the 12th of August for an assessment and it has only took a month so far yay! but it did mean I had to call them rather than them calling me/sending me a letter.
Good news. Before the visit make a list of the things your caree needs the most, in your eyes. Help with hygiene, shopping, cooking etc. Let the care manager have a copy, perhaps email it in advance, then you can ensure that he/she covers all the points during the visit.
Thanks great advice!
I will do that as I was a bit confused as to what was going to happen on the 12th.
Well it's the 12th so time for an update I think,
I was in a good mood when I arrived but that didn't last long.
Another waste of my time as far as she was concerned I shouldn't be entitled to any help as my uncle is not bad enough to need care and supervision 24 hours a day, so it does not matter if he chokes on his food, spits on the carpet, urinates in the sink and wipes excrement on the walls etc and it also doesn't matter if he gives himself food poisoning when he doesn't wash his hands after he has been to the toilet????? I really don't get this, along with all of the other things I have to do like keeping him clean paying the bills feeding him, the list goes on!
We did get one bonus he can go to a day centre if he pays for it. Like we've got enough money for that! But I asked my uncle if he wanted to go and he is not interested at all. That is all that has been offered, real helpful and I mean real helpful.
They did offer me a carers assessment but I'm worried all they will offer me is a mop and bucket (but you'll have to pay for them) lol
Have the Carers Assessment, and make sure it's done by someone other than the person involved with the Needs Assessment. You can insist on this, I did. I am NOT just an add-on to mum, I am a separate person, and insist on being treated as one. Tell them how it's making you feel, write it down first. Their decision seems dumb, to put it politely.