Carer allowance and EU Law query.

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Is Carer allowance considered as remuneration in the context of EU law? i.e is anyone aware of cases of immigration were EU citizen carer in UK receiving care allowance is seen as working in regards to residency application. Been trying to get some info on this but nothing concrete. Is anyone on here had this any dealings with this before. Any info would be greatly appreciated. James.
Carers Allowance is demned a benefit under UK law.

There are restictions on non UK persons claiming benefits as spelt out under the terms for claiming said CA.

As for a route for residency purposes , that would fall under the remit of the Home Office.

Obviously , with Brexit looming over all of us , conditions may change come the final deal.

I would recommend sending an email with full details thereon to the Carers UK Advice Team : ... line-24147

If anyone has a definite answer , they will.