I got a job - now what

All about money

Me again

I have just been offered a job. This one is only 10 hours and is minimum wage so well under the threshold. Do I have to notify Carers Allowance. I'm currently down as self employed with them. I will still be doing some self employed bits but even with that I won't be earning anywhere near the threshold after expenses.
Best to report ANY change of circumstances to the correct Agency even if it not one strictly called for by their Book.

If , in writing , sending " Signed For " has the advantage of defeating any claim of not being received ... retain the PO receipt u.f.n.

Thereafter , no more worries until the next change.

If any Agency says otherwise in the future , just refer them to your letter / email reporting said change ... copies retained your end in case they call for evidence.
Congratulation on achieving such a well fitting job ! Yes definitely notify DWP. They will probably ask for first 2 or 3 wage slips.
I told them about my job online, might be easiest?
I'll wait until I actually start.

Just trying to work out whether my first wages will take it over the threshold (I'll only be earning £78.30 a week but it's monthly pay and it looks likely that I won't get paid until Christmas)
Congratulation :)