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I am buying my parents a flat in a wardened complex. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I am buying my parents a flat in a wardened complex.

All about money
I hope it all goes well. Can you keep us posted on your progress?
My mum was a hoarder, it took us - me and my two six foot sons, a whole year to empty out her house. She was an Ercol collector, bought, but never quite got round to selling. Over 60 dining chairs and 10 dining tables to start with...!
Even worse, as she was in a nursing home, we had to get approval for prices of everything, complete nightmare.
I would suggest you decide roughly how much they will get in their flat, as soon as possible and be firm about all the other things they will want to take too.

Mum absolutely insisted in taking all her clothes her wardrobe in the home was absolutely rammed full. She never wore any of them!
I am currently drastically reducing the amount of my own "stuff". Eldest son lives here (together with our steam engines which live in an engine house at the bottom of the garden). I am determined that when I die, he will be able to sort my stuff very quickly indeed. I don't want to do to him what mum did to me.
Firstly, I think the kitchen cupboards need to be decluttered. Only need the basic if your parents will not be cooking. Or unlikely to cook in the future get rid of the dozens of oven dishes. And all the crockery they had for years.

See what they can actually handle. I got rid of all the large dinner plates. I suspect they have their favourite cups etc. And haven't see inside some of the cupboards for years.

Make sure they understand that there needs to be a clear path way. In their new rooms so when they need to use walking and equipment. There are no obstacle courses to manoeuvre and no rugs etc trip hazards. It very hard to get people to part with things once they have moved in.

Your parents will need good lighting. Some housing scheme have terrible lighting. I have a balcony which blocks part of the lounge area. And can make the room dark. And the balcony is south facing.

If they are going to live in a large building. And will have large distances to cover to reach the apartment etc. They may need walkers. Some people can underestimate the distances from the car park to apartment. And especially if shopping needs to be take in.
When I was clearing a lot of things out, I used Free cycle and gave lots of other things to a local charity helping low income families, and serviceable clothing to the Salvation Army which dad always supported. Everything went to a new home so someone else could use them. So much better than landfill.