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All about money
I am new here I care for my husband (we are both working age), I'm still working from home but have a low income. Currently, we are getting both elements of tax credits. Does anyone know what will happen to carers working part time and on a low income who are unable to go out to work (I would like to pick up my career again) because there is no care support?

I have only heard about the extra free childcare support but nothing about carers. In reality we as unpaid carers save the government much more that what we would probably pay in tax anyway. I am worried about this as it will have a massive impact upon our family.

Thank you
I would love to say, stuff the government, but for most people that isn't an option. The issue is one of financial survival.
There are ways and means of working 'outside the 9-5 box' and my own job is a bit like that. I work from home, about 20 hours a week, much at weekends and evenings, and get paid to carry out social and health surveys for various government agencies. Typically today I worked from 3:10 pm to 5:20 pm and earned around £50 for interviewing the parents of two children about their health needs. Obviously that kind of money would start to damage my Carers Allowance earnings limit of £110, so I stuff much of my earnings into a pension pot, which is tax free and doesn't count as income for CA purposes. I also lease my car, which I can claim as a work expense. Being aged over 55 I can claim the pension back as a lump sum any time I want to.
I have some flexible support from family - especially my wife and daughter - and also employ a couple of PA's through my son's direct payment for around 20 hours a week - enough to give me the time to go out and work.
Believe it or not, we are desperate to recruit more staff at the moment, and I am happy to provide an introduction (via PM) to anyone who wants this kind of work and has access to a car and is computer savvy. Obviously it isn't for numpties: you need to be motivated and well organised. If you survive the first three weeks, I'll split my 'finders' bonus of £400 with you, 50/50.