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Hi, hope I've put this in the right place, I'm new. Just looking for advice or anyones experience with the above benefits. I have emailed carersuk for advice but I'm stressing out as I'm bound to have my landlord calling me at any moment. My son who is 20, recently lost his apprenticeship placement and applied for universal credit. I've received a letter informing me that although they're aware of my changes I will still have deductions to my housing and council tax benefit as he is a non dependent but going by what this site states and also a recent benefits check by my local cab that someone under 25 in receipt of universal credits, no deductions will be made. Are the rules different for some county councils?

Thanks in advice

Hi Catherine

The housing benefit rules can be quite complicated. It's quite difficult for people to provided concrete information as they would need to know all you financial details. So many things effect the benefit rules.

It best to speak to expects such as Carers UK and Citizens advice. Make a face to face appointment at your local branch.