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Housing benefits

All about money
Hi I need some advices on claiming housing benefit . I’m caring for my son who has Autism . It’s only me and him at home . I’m claimg universal credit , and Carer’s Allowance and get the standard rent allowance . Can I apply for any help towards paying the est of the rent ? I’m in a four bed house , so I have to pay bedroom tax. I’ve woeked up until now , but gave up as my sons mental health is deteriorating fast .
Someone please advice me . I’m sick with worry .
Thank you
Hi Wendy.

You mention " The standard rent allowance. "

I assume the actual Local Housing Allowance on a property from which Housing Benefit is claimed ?

Post code checker which will show the LHA on your manor :


Current rent payable more than the Housing Benefit element being paid through Universal Credit ?

Welcome to the club !

Low millions are caught with rising rents and static Housing Benefit ... ever increasing chasms as highlighted in more properous areas.

( Upto £ 200 per week recorded on other forums. )

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... lems-34469

( Thread dealing with the impact of the frozen LHA and rising Council Tax. )

Short of downsizing ... easier as a btl tenant than a social tenant ... I am at a lost as to any other remedy.

On some manors , the waiting list to downsize ( 3 / 4 bedrooms to 1 / 2 bedrooms ) can be as high as 15 to 1 ... two London boroughs
closer to 20 to 1.
Hello thank you for reply . Looks like I’m not alone ! God knows how I’m going to live on the amount UC award me .
Am I entitled to CT discount ? As that’s 116.00 a month !
Thank you
CT discount ?

Only one way to find out :


( £ 116 per month on a 4 bedroomed property ? Might be a record low amongst forum readers ??? )
What benefits are you claiming for your son?