Housing Benefit and DLA disregard

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I'm posting this on behalf of someone else :)

A lady I was talking to today told me her council have taken DLA payments as income and reduced her housing benefit accordingly (she's now having to pay half her rent whereas before she didn't have to pay towards it). I seem to remember reading somewhere that they aren't allowed to do that but I've been searching and can't seem to find anything that says that's the case - lots of individual councils saying it isn't counted but obviously hers is counting it so I was hoping to find some specific legislation or ruling that states that's universal. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
I'm fairly certain that this was a recent ruling, after a test case, if that helps?
That's what I thought as well, BB, but I couldn't find anything, was zonked yesterday though so will get on it again today :) x
I feel sorry for that poor lady. Sometimes sneaky rules are laid in place too save cash. I wish her well.