help with Holidays for carers ?

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I have been caring for someone for years without a break. I have been told that I could get help to have a break/holiday but I can not find any information. Where would I look ? Who do I talk to ?
Ask Social Services for a Carers Assessment for yourself, and a Needs Assessment for the person you look after.

If you could tell us a bit more about your caree, your relationship, and their financial situation, there might be a variety of ways to get a holiday for both of you, not necessarily together.
I care for a friend who is disabled and terminally ill. He gets the higher levels of allowances. I get a carers allowance and a top up from income support. I also get housing benefit but pay a bedroom tax. I had an interview at the job centre a few weeks ago and asked how I could take a break and not loose my housing benefits. They signed me up for this site, carersuk. android I could find help here. I have cared for them for years working as much as 80/90 hours a week. I've never had more than 2 days off. I'm exhausted.
Hi Jason

This link maybe of use to you regarding a grant for a carers break/holiday. ... rers-trust

Good luck.
If your friend is terminally ill, then he/she is likely to need a lot more support than one person can provide, especially when it comes to pain management and personal care. Wherever possible, anyone in this situation should be supported to die where they want to, with appropriate help. I'm really concerned that you don't mention anyone other than you providing care. Hs the GP suggested getting help from a hospice, MacMillan or similar? Have you been told about NHS Continuing Healthcare? If not, then Google this asap. There are special arrangements for someone nearing the end of their life.
Have you asked for a Needs Assessment for the person concerned, and a Carers Assessment, from Social Services? Even if care comes into the home, you are still entitled to Carers Allowance as long as you do the 35 hours of care, and are entitled to a break.
At the top of this page, there is a red help and advice tab. Click here and you will find lots of information.
Have you discussed Power of Attorney, which funeral director to use, what sort of service is intended? I know these are all awful things to think about, but having supported a number of relatives, it's better to plan in advance when your mind is clearer, than end up needing to arrange things when your head is all over the place.
If there is anything at all you are not sure of, do come back to the forum and ask, whenever you want, as there are many of us who have been in a similar situation.