Help pls, inadequate Fast track CHC offered & fast discharge

All about money

Unexpectedly during a hospital stay Dad took a turn for worse and has been offered Fast Track CHC including 4 x Two carer visits a day and a DN visit. We were quickly put on the spot re a next destination decision and as his wishes are to be at home thats where he is going.

We think he also needs a night sitter but we were told we'd have to pay for that. That cost would be big of course.

We don't want to trip up Dads speedy discharge (possibly today) as want to honour his wish but at the same need to challenge the night sit. My fear is my challenge would delay discharge or result in a care home move pending decision.

Whats your advice please?

I've asked for copies of all docs and assessments but so far only been told I would get care and support plan.

They suggested there is a 12 week gap before next assessment stage and not to worry about it, whether that meant he may not last that long or that it should go through as is I'm not sure.

I did start discussions with a care solicitor but they are now shut for the weekend.

Priority has to be to get Dad home asap

Thanks for advice so far

Hi Les.

First up . there are NO top up fees under CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare !

Main thread + separate legal opinion : ... read-35998

and TOP UP FEES ? : CHC / NHS CONTINUING HEALTHCARE ( NO SUCH THING !!!!!! ) ) ... re-top-up/

Care at home under CHC ?

YES ... Pointon ... main thread again : POINTON CASE : CARE AT HOME

12 weeks free care before the sky descends ?

Confirmed : ... ho-pays-2/

Have a good read ... then return to us with any further questions / observations.
Les, you have been fed so much bull****!

Google "NHS Continuing Healthcare Framework", have a pee, a coffee and then sit down and read it all. If dad needs a night sitter, they have to fund it.
Family NEVER has to pay for ANY care for a loved one.
Is there a hospice near you? If so, ring them and have a chat to see how they can help. Mine provides "outreach" care, which is the sort of thing your dad needs. Ours was brilliant when dad was nearing the end of his life. He spent his final week in the hospice, where the care was wonderful. Mum was severely disabled herself, so that made things a bit more complicated, otherwise he might have been able to stay home to the end of his life.