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Help I need a break

All about money
This is the first time that I have used this service and wondered whether anyone can point me in the right direction.

I have been caring for a friend for the past three years without a break, I have recently managed to secure my friend DLA and partly thanks to that award have claimed Carers Allowance, however, caring full time and living in at my friends house being constantly at his beck and call for the past three years is taking its toll on my general health. I am constantly tired, have not had an unbroken nights sleep for months. Is there any assistance that I can claim from the local social services or department for work and pensions that allows me to take a break but does not put my friend in danger whilst i am away?

Any support and assistance in this matter would be gratefully appreciated.
You sound like you could do with all the help you can get.
Ask social services for a needs assessment for your caree and also ask for a separate carers assessment for yourself to look at your needs. It sounds to me like you could do with some respite.
be carefull regarding letting social services into your house!, I recently cancelled our assesments due to the fact they can now take control of your Financial affairs using the DOL Act! no thanks!, they will want to know everything so be aware, no way will I disclose my Personal Finances to them, I have managed on my own for over Two Years so I will continue to do so ON MY OWN!, where the Hell were they at the beginning anyway?
Hi David,
It's really important to build in some "me" time if you are a long term carer, a few hours a week, plus an annual holiday on your own, to recharge both your physical and emotional batteries. As you are already claiming DLA/CA, it should make your Social Services Assessment easier. This really is the "passport" to assistance. If in doubt, have a look at your local authority website, I expect they will have some details there. Think carefully about what would help YOU most, it's not being selfish to do this. Then discuss with your caree what they would like, having first considered how they will treat the news that you would like a break.
If you have a carers centre near you I have found them to be really helpful ours offer a sitting service I would ring social services for an assessment they could help you with extra support and respite as for finances if you clearly state that area is fine they do not do anything at all