Have to leave work to care for wife/ benefits?

All about money
Hi Everyone, great forum.

I am 42 and my wife has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and personality disorders, ocd, extreme social anxiety.

We have also 3 children 4, 12, and 14.

She is under emergency mental health care at home and has daily visits, and it is a nightmare the doctors are having getting her on the right medication, as most just make her sleep, so she cannot pick up the children from school, shop and finds it difficult some days to clean herself etc. Let alone the addictions caused by schiz.

The mental health teams have said i really need to leave work to look after her and the children, It will be tough as i have worked all my life and have quite a secure job.

but if i resign from work will i get income support straight away? nobody can tell me. we have applied for DLA, but i understand that can take sometime.

Our house is council rented, so i assume that we will get housing benefit of some sort.
Having 3 kids, we dont have any savings, the usuall credit debts etc.

I have sat in CAB for hours, no use, i have rang govt depts etc no help.

does anyone have experience of this or can advise?

Hi Mark your best bet is to ring the CarersUk helpline as they will be able to advise you, you will be able to claim Carers allowance and that will be backdated to the DLA claim, I don't think there is income support now but not sure and you will probably get full help with your rent an council tax.
I am sorry your in this position but your wife and young children come first, please stick around as lots of good advice and friendly help on here
Hi, when I needed help with daughters benefits I contacted welfare rights via local authority, they helped with claim forms and told me of my entitlements....which was zilch as I earn over threshold, I was really impressed Image they talked me through format and were thorough maybe they could help.......good luck