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Grrrrr! DWP annoying - Carers UK Forum

Grrrrr! DWP annoying

All about money
Just need to tell someone how flipping annoying the DWP are, I spend hours filling in my husbands PIP claim form, and photocopy all his medical reports, and Atos medical report from his claim of ESA, and a copy of the Power of Attorney certificate, only to firstly get them returned by registered post( first waste of resources), then get second letter saying claim has been sent to ATOS for them to see if he needs a consultation with them( which he has already had one done for ESA, second waste of resources) then bang this morning another letter saying I need to get proof of apointeeship, so I rang them and said I'd sent a copy of POA only to be told I have to take the original to my local jobcentre for them to copy and stamp and sign to say they have seen original, but nowhere on the claim pack does it say this type of evidence has to be verified in this way!!!
I am pretty p'd off to say the least, no wonder they say it could take up to 26 weeks for them to make a disission!!!! and on top of that hubby still might have to have a second bloody atos medical consultation,which I know will upset him as it took hours of waiting about in a strange place to see a health professional that could not be understood by hubby as he was forgeign and just was reading from a set script on a computer screen, he didn't even go through half the describer sections. so it is a ggggrrrr having a rant day here, AND it's raining so can't even get out in the garden!
Sorry for rant!! big breath out !!! :ohmy:
Rant away, Petal, there is nothing more infuriating than having to do things over and over and watching other organisations be inefficient and ineffective. It is enough to drive anyone round the bend.

I hope you get a bit of peace from it all now for a little while - until the next time!
thanks mumwhocares, sometimes I think these claim department should be staffed by people who have personal experience of the system,
I have fought the department that Doesn't Work Properly on behalf of both hubby and mum.
I can only say that I am not surprised that many people are not claiming benefits that they are entitled to.
hello petal dwp I had problems with income support had filled forms in then had call to go to job centre was asking me same questions that id already filled in by going there was two hrs late getting to my dad who I care for I then had to make that time up .
I do hope you manage to sort things out people don't realise how stressful it gets
Over the last twenty years this multi-generational household has 'earned' at least £250,000 in benefits, whilst also contributing at least that much - and probably a lot more - in direct and indirect tax from work earnings.
The DWP is a gigantic money churn, that keeps officials in cushy jobs, and - if we play it right - helps keep us in fish suppers.
However, I just take it as it comes: that's how it is: if we can get that much money back from the system, then it pays to research it and treat being a claimant in the same professional way that one approaches any other career. Get the best deal.
This is not a hobby: it is deadly real.
Preparation, preparation, preparation ....
Hi petal
I hope all goes well. That is with thought as I being a carer for my wife for 34 years, soon to be 35 years. Has all those problems too come when they start. It is no fun with another person or three persons, that don't know what they are doing. I wish you well and maybe at a latter date we can have a a Grrrrr together. Please take care.