Full time education a grey area??

All about money
from what i have read here, when claiming carers allowance as a student is somewhat confusing. I am a registered carer, starting a college course which is 16hours of lectures a week, can i still claim? although its classed as full time, im actually there much less than my son spends at school, my son is the person i care for every living hour hes not at school.
The law changed on this recently. Now if a course is described as "full time" by the college, even if it's under 21 hours, you can't claim Carers Allowance.
Charles, that's so unfair. I did a part time degree, it would have been absolutely impossible without my eligibility to CA. Even then I had to juggle my need for essential college things with food for the family. I wonder if colleges realise the profound implications of their designations?
its totally unfair. carers are expected to give up their own life and own opportunities