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Full time carer and qualifying benefits - Carers UK Forum

Full time carer and qualifying benefits

All about money
Not sure where to start with this really!

So we had someone come out from CAB to apply for qualifying benefits for my husband at the same time he told me I would be entitled to Carers Allowance, which he applied for on my behalf. My husbands benefits have been sorted and have been running along nicely for several years now, up until lately everything has been fine. I applied for a POA for my husband which was granted, now I have to document what his money is being spent on so basically he is alright as he has his benefits but I'm having to live on what I get from CA (as we all know is not enough).

I phoned the DWP and spoke to someone who said that I'd have to apply for Universal Credit, but would have to provide evidence that I was actively seeking employment. I explained that I provide 1:1 support (for a person who could not be left alone) 160 hours a week (we only get 8 hours support from a support agency - 2 hours a day for 4 days).

This all fell on deaf ears, there was no compromise or alternative given so I've just stuck with the CA but surely there must be some other support/benefit? I don't even qualify for help with prescription cost etc even though the person I spoke to, from NHS business services, agreed that I had very little income, the reason I don't get help ... because I don't get a qualifying benefit!

Hope you don't mind but what have others done with regards to this?

Hi Cheechee.

A little perplexed.

If you are only claiming Carers Allowance and NOT any income related benefits , UC would NOT apply to you.

In addition , you are NOT obliged to seek work ( DWP ... only applies IF you are claiming ESA ).

Howver , following review of the UC rollout , carers may now be included ... item in the NEWS section recently.

To save confusion , contact the Carers UK Advice Team for claification.

Contact details follow ... best by email :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147
Welcome Cheechee,

Kudos for knowing to reach out to CAB, this will save you time in the long run and means you are known to them.

You should know you may also wish to contact Carers UK (https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice/talk-to-us) who you may contact via telephone or email depending on preference and will have more specialised information to hand regarding support of a nature relevant to carers like yourself loved ones.

Again acknowledging you appear pretty well clued in to what your up against, if you have not done a benefits MOT already another good place to look would be https://www.entitledto.co.uk/

I did a self check here and even with a fair sized household it took less than 5 minutes, so its quite a good return on your time for the information it offers.

As a full time carer DWP are at best supposed to support you going back to employment or other opportunities, should YOU feel you can achieve the right balance between the roles, they should not be forcing you into conditionality regime and you are right to be mistrusting of them as the person who you spoke to clearly is going off directions from another agenda rather than their own rules/guidelines.

On a side note assuming you are on social services/local authority's radar, based on your husbands apparent level of need (24/7 care) have they carried out an NHS CHC (continuing healthcare) checklist? Chris who you have already met :) is somewhat our guru of sorts on such matters amongst the forum members and has extensive threads detailing the scheme such in other parts of the board (https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... life-36132)

Again this would be another example of something Carers UK themselves may be able to cover with you.

I hope you resolve this promptly so you may concentrate on yourself and your husband

Best wishes to you both.
Guru ?

You should see my Indian rope trick !

Primed and loaded ... ready to deliver ... if asked !
Slightly tongue in cheek perhaps but nothing ill implied sir! :)

Just appreciative of the time you've put into compiling it,

Best wishes
Time ?

No choice ... I was press ganged !

I have to growl for my supper !

Still , might help a few today ... only me around for hours over the past two days ... and that's worrying !

( Sole person on the door with a queue ten deep at times. )

What impression does that give to new posters seeking help / advice / guidance ???

Hi Cheechee,
The Carers Uk helpline and benefit calculators like the "entitled to" one are the best ones to get benefits advice.

However, I'm pretty sure POA doesn't mean your husband can't continue paying for all the things he did before, you are a partnership and things he paid for before he can carry on paying for now E.g. did he pay the bills? Give you housekeeping money? etc Just keep accounts. If you started buyin lots of expensive jewellery out of his money, that would be a different matter. Use your Carers Allowance for toiletries, little extras, a coffee in a cafe etc

One online benefits calculator coming up :