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Are there benefits we should claim? - Carers UK Forum

Are there benefits we should claim?

All about money
My husband is disabled and I am his full time carer. I do not work as he cannot be left alone due to his disability. Jim receives a salary from his previous employer via an insurance scheme they have for workers of his status (if that is the right word!) He receives a payslip from his employer every month and receives a portion of his former salary which is taxed.
He also receives DLA at the highest rate for mobility and the middle rate for care (We did not realise there were actually two components!) I have now applied for Carer's Allowance - we are both under pension age.
Is there anything else we should be claiming? Sorry to sound so stupid but we have never claimed any benefits before so not sure what is available. Any help would be most appreciated.
If your husband's salary is very low it may be worth applying for Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit if you rent your home but they may not be applicable depending on your circumstances.

You could apply for a needs assessment for your husband and may qualify for some care depending on what money you have in savings- I think the limit wasa bout £27K.
Even if you are over the limit I recommend also applying for a carers assessment for yourself. I've had some nice freebies from that plus some money towards a holiday. My local Council also has a couple of holiday homes where you can take a caree as well as yourself if you high up the needs list (and it sounds like you may be) .
My Council also offers a free sitting service of so many hours a year so someone could come and keep an eye on things at home while you go for your much needed walks and me time. Again you would access this sort of thing through the Carers Assessment . Good Luck
Just as an afterthought- have you got a blue badge? Even if you aren't able to go out it comes in handy for hospital appointments .
There are some other benefits such as the CEA card which gives free tickets to cinemas for accompanying carers. A Motability lease car may apply, and/or free discounted bus travel, half price swimming pool and gym entry etc.
Scally I have not heard of a CEA card, must look into that one,
And Henrietta the blue badge scheme is quite hard to get in some areas, eg our LA criteria is 12points for moving around on PIP award. which is high, and if you have less points they want you to do a mobility assessment with an occupational therapist for a discretionary blue badge, which i feel is a tad too far. but worth a try.
My advice Sue is apply for everything, and see what happens, you may find you are entitled to help from different sources.