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Financial help with care costs but what about cleaning - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Financial help with care costs but what about cleaning

All about money
The consent form for for her details to be shared, it was from Hillingdon council...it looks like she is now getting on and sorting out what my mum needs. Thank you for your help Blowingbun 😀
Thanks to everyone else you have helped me with links etc. It’s good to know you are out there.
That's good news.
Does mum own or rent her home?
If you don't have Power of Attorney, apply to the DWP to become mum's DWP "appointee". Then you can manage mum's benefits on her behalf. Don't let the council do this instead of you.

If she rents it and goes into care, the home will need to be cleared.
If she owns it, the value if the home will be considered. If you were hoping to move there one day, then it is in your best interests for mum to stay there as long as possible with increasing amounts of care. If she is considered eligible for Continuing Healthcare funding, then as that is an NHS service they do not charge for their services or consider the value of the house.
Social worker still hounding me...mainly by email now. She wants my mum to have a new mattress as it it is cleaned like the rest of the house is being deep cleaned, then it won’t be dry by the time my mum goes to bed! There is no other bed in the house. She is expecting me to get a new mattress delivered to her, will the carer stay all day to wait in for it to be delivered and then lug it up the stairs and remove old one, lug that down the stairs and dispose of it. For me to go it would mean not working for three days as would have to go the night before and probably stay night of delivery also I would need to stay in a hotel and put my dogs in kennels, I can’t afford that for a start money nor time wise. I am in my sixties and aren’t capable of heaving a mattress about! 😡
Tell her that you are "not in a position" to be able to help. Do not elaborate.

If they want her to have a new mattress, that's fine. If she's going to spend a long time in bed, then she needs an air mattress and a hospital bed provided on loan by the NHS!
Contact the O/T for the bed and pressure mattress.
Even if they say that she doesn't need an air mattress, from what you say she certainly needs a completely waterproof mattress, otherwise a new mattress will be ruined the first day.
Thank you for your help I was wondering how a new mattress would stay clean even with a mattress on it! I will be taking your advice !
Unfortunately I understand more about these issues than I ever wanted to!!!!
I have also read that she should have an O.T. assessment which she hasn’t had at least then they can decide which equipment she needs. AS I DONT KNOW. Thank you for sharing your experience Bowlinbun.xx