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Financial Assessment Social Services.

All about money
The council have sent a letter to my mothers empty bungalow saying she has rent arrears amounting to nearly £300 and if she is no longer eligible for housing benefit she needs to make a payment to clear the arrears. She has not been notified by anyone that her housing benefit has stopped so this is the first she or I have heard about it.

The same day I also received letter form the Director of Finance & Resources with information referring to 'long stay residential and nursing care' and something called a Deferred Payment Agreement for Property Owners (DPA). They seem to think my mother owns the bungalow when of course its rented from the council and they are advising in legal terms the options available to finance her care home costs. I was expecting an appointment for a financial review so there does seem to be major confusion by everyone concerned. I sent them an email to explain there was an error and they replied quickly saying it was the fault of my mothers social worker who had indicated that she owned the bungalow. They said their letter is not relevant to my considerations and apologised for the confusion. They also said they will be in touch shortly to go through financial process. I take that to mean the long awaited financial review. Social workers, do any of them know what trouble they cause.
Make a complaint to the social workers manager. You and/or your mother should have a copy of all paper work.
I think a complaint about my mothers social worker is long over due but in my experience these people tend to band together and cover up for each others mistakes so I doubt its worth my time and effort. I am so fed up with all the other errors I keep uncovering in the care home and the constant complaining I have to do, not to mention still provide care for my mother when really its a job they should be doing. However I think on this occasion I will complain and thank you for the support.
Your mother is now the responsibility of the care home and they, not you, should be making arrangements for EVERYTHING, unless you specifically ask otherwise. The business of the doctor is absurd, I'd ring the Care Quality Commission about that, and certainly SSD. Have you ever made a "Subject Access Request" to SSD. Then you can see what they have written, and with that information, you can then ask for corrections or go to the Information Commissioner if it's inaccurate. They must provide the information within a given period. I was dismayed to see what they'd written about me, but it was certainly a turning point in my relationship with them!
Thanks for the info Bowlingbun, but what is SSD, does it have any relation to STD. ;)
SSD = Social Services Department
Another twist in the saga today. My mothers care home have finally given me a bill for the amount they say she has too pay towards five months residential care and its almost £2000. No one at the care home or social services has ever discussed with me how much she would have to contribute and how they arrived at the figure is a mystery and why have they let the amount build up for so long. I was told she would have to contribute something, but I assumed this would be taken directly from her state and small works pension and the rest would be funded by SS once the result of the FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT was in. I have only just filled in and returned the FINANCIAL ASSESSMENT to county finance dept. so I would think I need to wait for their reply and see how it relates to the care home bill and how it should be paid. All very confusing.
Copy the bill for your own records, file it safely. Then send the original to Social Services by Recorded Delivery, stapling the RD slip to the copy. Write to the care home, telling them what you have done, again by RD (even if you are visiting daily!) and ask them to contact SSD directly in future.
Hi BB and thank you for the reply. I have emailed SS and asked them if I need to make a personally payment, no reply yet. I have also drafted a letter to the care home asking why she needs to make a personal weekly payment. Not taken it to them yet as wanted to see the SS reply first, plus I don't want to upset them and make them think I am a non payer.
Will keep you informed.
Well done. Remember, that under Contract Law, you are not legally bound to pay a penny, until there has been an offer, eg we will look after mum for £1m per year, and you have accepted, by signing, AND there has been some "consideration" eg something you have given them, usually in the form of payment. Until then, it's not your problem, it's the LA's problem (just keep saying "I've never signed anything").