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Financial Assessment Social Services.

All about money
My 87 year old mother had a fall at her home back in December 2015 and was taken to hospital to recover. She was there for 3 weeks, probably a week longer than she needed, before social services agreed to fund a 2 week respite place, all we had to do was find somewhere decent which was not an easy task. They would only fund up £425 per week and anything more would have to be self funded. Social Services supplied a list of care homes and after visiting 8 of them we were shocked by the poor general standards endemic in social care homes for the elderly. However after much searching we did manage find a nice care home with one en-suite room available that was within our price range (£450) and my mother moved in.

After several social worker visits they agreed that my mother should be in a care home and no longer live alone in her council bungalow. The last contact I had with social care was around 10 weeks ago when they rang and told me someone would contact me to arrange an appointment for a financial review. During all this time the care home has not been paid and keep asking if I have heard anything. All I can say is no, have you heard anything. The care home owner originally said it can take a couple of months, but we are now well into May and still a deathly silence.

I worry that social service will relent on what is really only a verbal agreement and the care home will be forced to chase my mother for the money owed. Can anyone tell me if this normal behaviour.
Sorry have no direct experience ...
Have a read of these links.
http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-car ... assessment

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... assessment

Call carers UK helpline.
Thanks those are usful links. The problem is that everyone has agreed my mother should be in the care home and funding should be available, so why are they taking so long.
Unfortunately, funding issues take ages as it has to go through many depts. It may have to be presented to a panel.
Yes they did mention that back in the hospital, I just didn't expect to have wait this long, especially as they told me someone would ring to arrange an appointment.
Perhaps you would be better to chase. As staff move on or change regularly!!
The care home had difficulty in chasing them up, even though one of the social workers who visited my mother was a friend and former colleague of the manager. All very strange.
Go through the social services complaints procedure.
The other major and main problem from my point of view is the care home staff aren't very good at looking after my mother and I alwaways have to complain about some error they have made every time I visit, which on average is 3 or 4 times a week. The home itself is well kept, which is what attracted me in the first place. By the end of the first week my mother had apparently scratched her legs as they were dry, even though the hospital had informed them (the manager) to apply cream to her legs and provided them with a large dispenser of cream. Her legs have gone from bad to worse and are constantly weeping puss with infection. This week they rang to tell me her arms are also very badly infected. Even though my mother is in a care home, my duties have not stopped and I still doing a lot of running around.

Just had to stop writing as I had another call from the care home. My mothers condition has got worse and they want me to take her to see her doctor. I have managed to get her an appointment this morning so once again I will have to take charge. The care home has not signed my mother to their local doctor, as she is not yet officially on the care home register, another problem attributed to social services. This means I have to do all the running around every time my mother needs medication and medical care.
This is the information you need to relay to social services. Call the on call duty desk older people's team. Ask for a manager and a copy(to be email to you) of the LA's complaints procedure.