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Financial Assessment Limit

All about money
Keeping everything must be a generation thing - when we tidied out my father in law's cottage we found all his milk bills going right back to when he moved into the cottage in 1947!!!

As my son has severe learning difficulties I have a lot of papers related to him, I'd love to get rid of them all but know it would be utter folly. Although he was disabled at birth, and therefore you'd think Social Services would know about his disability, recently a new social worker decided he had moderate, not severe LD, and I had to provided evidence of his disability! Fortunately I had a letter from the Secretary of State for Education, no less, stating that he had severe LD because when he was 9 I had to appeal all the way to the top to get funding for his new school!

These days, almost everything is on a computer, firms have to keep financial records for about 7 years, so try to think what you and dad will never need ever again. I try to throw away as much as possible immediately. My Mum used to have mountains of magazines she was going to read "one day" and father in law had a stack of local newspapers 2 feet high!!!

For things I need to keep, I have some Bisley 10 drawer office units, cheap second hand from ebay, they cleaned up really well with some Fairy and some T cut car polish. Each drawer is labelled. In my house, anything to be filed goes in a tray, then every so often I'll sort it into the drawers. Then depending on what it is it's either put in a project file or ring binder, or binned. (It's a manic house at times, especially in the summer as we have a steam roller and traction engine, and my 10 year old grandson is here at times too).
It is. My dad has many copies of really old Reader Digests from the late eighties to recent times. He stores them all in his bedroom. My mom keeps wanting to throw them out but he will not allow her to do so yet. I occasionally pick up a copy in order to reread the interesting articles myself.
Onto my next official point, colour code everything. All my old boring medical paperwork is currently kept in a big plastic reference folder with my name on the front. You can buy cheap ones easily from Amazon etc these days. I got mine from my local WHSmith shop however quite a few years back.