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Financial assesment - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Financial assesment

All about money
If he's receiving FNC then of course he should have the highest rate of DLA or AA. You have nothing to lose.
But the finance assistance has clearly told me it should stop.
So she hasn't took this into consideration and told me to inform DWP...
Confused :P
I can only repeat the following :

NHS-funded nursing care will not affect your entitlement to other benefits.

However, in Scotland if you're getting a personal care allowance, you won't be entitled to Attendance Allowance or the care component of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment after the first 4 weeks.

I will assume that you are not resident in Scotland ?
Is his residential care being funded by Social Services?
He resides in Merseyside, so finance lady is wrong and DWP is right.
He will get the FnC funding directly paid to home he has to make a contribution from his benefit of around £270.
So I guess council/ss is paying rest.
In fact the letter doesn't say what there paying .. :roll:
He's in the home under the nursing nor residential. .
You need to find out precisely
1. How much the total fees are
2. Who is paying what.contribution towards those fees.
3. Is it a temporary, or permanent placement?

When my son was in full time residential care, because the council were paying all his fees less benefits, apart from the last £25 pocket money, he was NOT entitled to DLA as the care was being funded by Social Services.
Once you have the full details of the financial assessment, sent them to DWP and request a definitive reply, saying whether or not he is still entitled to DLA or AA.
You do not want to end up having to repay large amounts of money!