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Financial assesment

All about money


Hi all
I am about to go through the DST meeting on behalf of my dad, any advice out there would be greatly appreciated. .

A new one on me ... what precisely is it ?
I am guessing here- Multi Disciplinary Team meeting for CHC?
Thanks H !

If so , the following link will be of assistance :

http://www.fyldeandwyreccg.nhs.uk/downl ... eaflet.pdf

Main CHC thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... inks-32532


We had our DST refused today ,this was the first ever one but they have said that when it goes to panel on Thursday they may overrule this decision today.
What's next?
Hi Marie.

I'll try BUT ... have you an appointed Advocate helping you this process ?

If not , strongly recommend you do consider one and / or seek specialist help.

It appears you are at this stage ... Multidisciplinary Team Assessment:
Decision Support Tool – multidisciplinary team assessment

Getting through a Checklist assessment doesn’t mean that your relative qualifies for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. Instead, it means they go on to stage two of the process, which is the full assessment. A Decision Support Tool (DST) is completed as part of this stage. Remember that this is a supporting document, and the members of the multidisciplinary assessment team (MDT) do not have the power to make the actual funding decision; instead, they make a recommendation, and this is passed to a decision-making panel for the final decision. Have a look at paragraph 31 on pages 14-15 of the DST for the ‘scores’ your relative ideally needs to achieve, and look at page 21 onwards for information on how the assessment is scored and the kinds of things that are assessed.

Be sure, also, to read the section about ‘nature, intensity, complexity and unpredictability’ on page 49; note also: the words ‘single condition’ under Complexity; the words ‘in combination or alone’ in the short paragraph tha follows the bullet points; and the words ‘expected to change’ in the last but one paragraph.

As for a way forward , I cannot see any other alternative except for an Advocate and / or legal advice.

An Internet search ... CHC ADVOCATES ... then narrow down by area.

CHC is NOT a task I would take on myself without specialist help.

Closest analogy ?

Taking on a law case , you as the plantiff , without a supporting barrister.

CHC should NOT be this way but ... in practice , it is !

Others may be able to point you in the right direction ... but without specialist help ?
I have been informed at the assessment that he shouldn't claim Attendance allowance and to tell DWP.
He doesn't get AA he get DLA,is this same ?
I have called DWP prior to assessment whom have informed me that as we get FNC he will still get DLA is this right or is the finance assistance right? :roll:
Hi Marie.

DLA / AA ?

Basically the same ... age when applying ... DLA for those under state retirement age ... AA for those above.

DLA is slowly being replaced by PIP.


NHS Funded Nursing Care ... link to the NHS for the full sp :

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/social-ca ... sing-care/

NHS-funded nursing care

NHS-funded nursing care is when the NHS pays for the nursing care component of nursing home fees. The NHS pays a flat rate directly to the care home towards the cost of this nursing care.

Who is eligible for NHS-funded nursing care?

You may be eligible for NHS-funded nursing care if :

you're not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare but have been assessed as needing care from a registered nurse
you live in a nursing home

How will my needs be assessed ?

You should be assessed for NHS continuing healthcare before a decision is made about whether you are eligible for NHS-funded nursing care.

Most people don't need a separate assessment for NHS-funded nursing care. However, if you do need an assessment or you haven't already had one, your clinical commissioning group (CCG) can arrange an assessment for you. Find your local CCG.

Outcome of the assessment

If you're eligible for NHS-funded nursing care, the NHS will arrange and fund nursing care provided by registered nurses employed by the care home. Services provided by a registered nurse can include planning, supervising and monitoring nursing and healthcare tasks, as well as direct nursing care.

If you're not eligible for NHS-funded nursing care and you don't agree with the decision about your eligibility, ask your CCG to review the decision.

The cost of NHS-funded nursing care

NHS-funded nursing care is paid at the same rate across England. In April 2018, the rate was set at £158.16 a week (standard rate).

Before October 1 2007, there were 3 different levels or bands of payment for NHS-funded nursing care – low, medium and high.

If you moved into a care home before October 1 2007, and you were on the low or medium bands, you would have been transferred to the standard rate from that date.

If you moved into a care home before October 1 2007, and you were on the high band, NHS-funded nursing care is paid at a higher rate. In April 2018, the higher rate was set at £217.59 a week. You’re entitled to continue on this rate unless :

you no longer have nursing needs.

you no longer live in a care home that provides nursing.

your nursing needs have reduced and you’re no longer eligible for the high band, when you would change to the standard rate of £158.16 a week, or

you become entitled to NHS continuing healthcare instead

NHS-funded nursing care will not affect your entitlement to other benefits.

However, in Scotland if you're getting a personal care allowance, you won't be entitled to Attendance Allowance or the care component of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment after the first 4 weeks.
He got DLA before retirement age,I called the DWP to inform them of hI'm going into a Nursing home and they said while he was getting FNC then this DLA won't be stopped.
And only if he gets CHC then this will stop.
He also said that if you wish to attain the higher rate then you can get your DLA reassessed but by doing this you may loose out completely. .

I am lost with all this
Hi Marie,
I'm merging your various threads together, for clarity.

Melly1 moderator