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Financial Advice needed please - Carers UK Forum

Financial Advice needed please

All about money
Up until a few years ago I had a business partner and a successful business. As I traveled all over UK and Europe with my work my husband was the 'homemaker' and looked after our children. Now all grown up and one still at home [well some of the time]

I am now his full time carer. He has various Chronic lung problems, is on Oxygen 24/7 and is virtually bedridden as any sort of exercise [i.e. getting to the loo] leaves him gasping for breath and going a pretty shade of blue. He is currently on the Lung Transplant waiting list.

When I left the business partnership my business bought my share of the business.

This amount of money is what we have been mainly living on for the past few years.

My question is, 'Where do we go to find what financial help we are entitled to? e.g. Careers allowance, Disability benefit etc., We are completely new to all the benefits side and are totally in the dark where to start and what we have to do.

I do a bit of work from home but this only brings in a small amount of money on an as and when basis and the business money is slowly and surely dwindling.

Many thanks in advance,
Hi Dragon, benefits are a mine field Image
I suggest you contact the carers UK help line - they are very good
Thank you I will do that.

I have been looking on the internet at the government benefits sites and they are sooooooooo confusing. Image
If you google benefit helpline should come up its a free phone number