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Yes, she should keep her DLA Mobility.
If she has been paying any Council Tax, did you know she was exempt from the day of diagnosis of dementia, as it counts as "severe mental impairment"? What's even better, is that it's fairly easy to claim and it can be backdated!

The Council have to set their rate at an amount which will fully cover the costs of local care homes, which have vacancies. So do some research and get written information from the homes nearest to your gran''s house.
I know my authority, Hampshire, has details of all homes with vacancies in the county. If yours has something similar, it will save a lot of time.

I know it's not nice to think about, but your gran is only going to get worse, and will end up needing a nursing home, or an EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) home. Try to find a home which offers both care beds (for those who don't need personal or nursing care, can walk to the dining room, etc.) and nursing beds in case she becomes bed bound in the future. Then she will never need to move again, and the staff will be able to get to know her and support both her and you.
Just a quick reply as Im at work. She has been getting her council tax paid for her so wont qualify for any refunds.
I havnt had chance to read on the link you sent yet but I will. Im just wondering if you feel it still applies as we have specifically chosen a home that is classed as luxury and has a few more facilities than standard. Therefore im not sure if the council can refuse to pay the top up as its something we have chosen? I may be wrong, Im still trying to understand all of this.
I did suggest to my family that we find somewhere with resi/nursing as I understand she will only get worse but the majority have decided against this as they feel this home is best for her now.
AGE UK link ?

Full sp on care home fees ... everything one needs to know before making a decision.
In your situation, I would still check to make sure that there are some local vacancies at the council's rate. If not, they must increase their rate to the lowest level of what is available. Then if your place is more expensive, you would only pay the difference.

If "the family" decide it's the best place, then make sure they agree in writing that they will share the additional cost once mum's savings have gone down. There have been many people on the forum who have suffered because family have agreed to pay for something, then been unwilling to cough up! ... n=carecost

Online care home fees calculator may help here ... just enter one's post code.

I will assume that CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is a non stater in this instance ?