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Filling in an ESA form - Carers UK Forum

Filling in an ESA form

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I'm filling in the ESA form on behalf of my partner - he's just had the letter and got so anxious that I had to do most of the writing with only a bit of input from him.

However I need some advice from fellow carers - is a typed form okay or should I hand write it? I know if a disabled person is doing it themselves the general advice seems to be that handwriting is best but as a carer with little available time, if typing is quicker then is it okay to do that or would it have an adverse effect on the claim?

I know the DWP say that any of their forms can be downloaded and filled in electronically before printing off & signing and that it doesn't change the validity of the claim or the information on the form but that's never rung true for me, so I'm looking for advice from people who've tried it both ways or who've had opinions shared from Welfare rights organisations....
John, they are increasingly asking for forms to be completed online, so I don't see any problem with it. It's what they do with the form when they get it that matters and that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the method used to complete it, so much as how much detail you give. Whatever you do though - keep a copy!
I filled my son's in online. It's much easier to edit and change things to get it just right. If you hand write it, you have to get it right first time. Also, typed writing is much easier for them to read - some people's writing is quite difficult to decipher! And, you'd have to write pretty small to fit some of the information in the relevant sections.

However, I found that my son did not fit neatly into all their tick boxes, so, where this was the case, I did not tick any of the boxes (eg "How often can you go out alone?" there was not a box for "Never"!!!). When I was happy that I'd done as much of the form as I could online, I then printed it off and hand wrote in the other bits. I then signed and took a copy for my records before sending it off. I also enclosed copies of reports from appropriate professionals.

He qualified for ESA in the support group without a medical or an interview. They were happy with my form and never queried that I hadn't ticked the boxes where they did not include an appropriate answer or that some bits were handwritten. I did however, explain my son's situation fully and didn't just leave bits blank.