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Feeling Desperate - Carers UK Forum

Feeling Desperate

All about money
Hello, I am new to the forum and am out of my mind with worry. I am a disabled parent with 2 severely disabled children. I claim ESA and DLA in my own right. My husband claims carers allowance for my daughter but he is the carer to all 3 of us. I claim the premium top up of the carers allowance on my ESA claim for my son. We are very complex, I know this because professionals tell us constantly :mad:
Any way in April this year I was asked to fill in a form to review my ESA I have been in the support group for 10 years (previously IB) I filled in the form got my new allowance from DWP in June. Heard nothing until last week when I was called and given a date/time for a healthcare assessment. The date and time were no good. I explained that I need a carer to accompany me to the appointment. I explained my husband is caring for my 2 children at the given appointment time. I explained my own PA is on maternity leave. I think they thought I was making it up. You have to be seen by the end of the year the DWP have said. I asked why I have not heard from them in 8 months then, they said back log. I gave them dates and times when care can be provided for my children so my husband could take me to an assessment. Still no has to be that date and time given. Is this right I am petrified that my benefit will stop over Christmas and I won't be able to manage. Please help. Also I said they can come to my home, I have no issue being assessed just getting there at said day and time
Debra, ring the Carers UK helpline asap. I'm sure they will find a way through this for you.