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Fast Track NHS Continuing Health Care

All about money
Pet66 wrote:
Wed Oct 07, 2020 6:22 pm
So pleased for you. Would be so easy to give up the battle, but you didn't!
Thank you Pet66. I am still a bit in shock to be honest. I went to the Bank today to stop the monthly payment to the Care Home. The young man who served me said “is your Mum moving to a different home?” I don’t suppose he really should have asked me anything but I let it go.

I told him she was being funded by the NHS now. He said “my Gran has dementia and is in a care home. I get people in all the time with invoices like this so I know how expensive it can be.” I said “is your Grandma paying a similar amount.” Then ..... and this is the bizarre part, he said “oh no she doesn’t have to pay anything because she has no money and lived in a council bungalow.” I said my mum had no money either, she never smoked, drank or had foreign holidays but she did own her old council house so she had to sell that to pay her care home bills. He said “she would have been better off not buying her house wouldn’t she”. Like I didn’t know that! 😂😂😂
But what sort of a home is the young man's grandmother in? Some are awful.
Just a thought from me. I didn't tell many people hubby was funded, even though he had such complex needs. In the home, a visitor asked me once how much I was paying, and alarm bells rang as she fought and fought for help and never had any. Her husband, bless him had dementia, but no complex needs. Felt she would have resented if I told her. So I said the going rate. Felt terrible but had enough going on with the battles, for funding,over seeing hubby's care and the dreadful slow loss and goodbye. I did however help a friend who's father was in the home, by downloading the NHS care tool for her, and advise key words.
Some things are best left unsaid, as you have been through such a battle, and all the emotions you will be encountering now, without comments that may not be welcome.
You may not agree with me of course.