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Fast Track NHS Continuing Health Care - Carers UK Forum

Fast Track NHS Continuing Health Care

All about money
I am taking the bull by the horns and seeing if I can get this for my Mum. She has really deteriorated in the past few weeks.

Has anybody on here been successful?
I filled in as much of the form as I could, dropped them at the medical centre. A GP rang me and said he knew nothing at all about Continuing Health Care but said he looked up Fasttrack CHC and did I know it was for end of life patients. I corrected him and he was very polite and listened to what I read out to him and said he will go and see her on Monday and I am to ring him on Tuesday.

CHC is kept very quiet here but my SIL in Leicestershire told me that they were TOLD about it and got it for her MIL for a long time and also for her Mum but that was only for a few weeks until she passed away.
Pet's husband had CHC - might be worth dropping her a PM.

Penny, maybe download details of the Poynton (might be Pointon) CHC case for the GP?
You shouldn't have to do this though, so annoying when they know nothing about this aspect of their duties.
Literally just had a phone call to say Our Fast Track claim HAS been accepted! NHS will pay Mum’s full fees from today. This will be reviewed every 4 weeks for up to 12 weeks then they will look at it again.

I am sad and happy at the same time. Sad that Mum is getting this only because she has deteriorated but happy that at last she is getting some help with her fees. She has been paying everything herself since Winter 2016 and had to sell her house. I daren’t even add up how much that amounts to.

For anybody in our position, it is worth pursuing.
Penny, you have done your best for your mum, but know that it marks a sad milestone too.
Well done Penny. I know what a double edged sword it is.
Had a call to say the bill for this month ....nearly £4,000 will be refunded to Mum’s account. I am so used to having to fight for everything and chase things up that I can’t believe this is all going through without having to kick up a fuss.
Penny, well done. One less thing for you to worry about.

So pleased for you. Would be so easy to give up the battle, but you didn't!