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Fast Track CHC - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Fast Track CHC

All about money
Complain to the CCCG Complaints Officer immediately.
Don't wait for the social worker, if she was doing her job properly she'd have sorted this out already!

The CCCG is responsible for the GP and the CHC process, so let them sort it out between them, you have enough to contend with.
Look at the CHC Framework and read the relevant pages.

Maybe even send the details of the relevant pages to the Practice Manager, who should be ensuring they are following the rules properly, but again do not always know what the rules are.

Can I ask who is living in the house, and their ages?
It's my Dad's house, there are 5 of us living there including Dad.

I'm 41, my partner is 36 and we have two children aged 13 and 6.
I know that there are special rules when children are involved.
For full accurate details you need to Google "Charging for Care". I think it's on the .gov site.
I don't know how long he will be with us. I just know that he needs nursing care as he's quickly deteriorating mentally with dementia and he can no longer stand so is bed-bound. His care needs are more than I can provide adequately at home
Evadoll, ring Social Services immediately and say you CANNOT care for him any more.
You will need to be very forceful, asking nicely doesn't work any more, sadly.
No need to shout or swear though, just say you cannot do it any more.
Social Services can arrange emergency care at home, emergency respite care, or the doctor can send him to hospital.
Think about packing an overnight bag in the mean time.
You have done enough, once someone is bed bound, especially with dementia, they need a round the clock team of carers, not just one worn out carer. Don't feel guilty, dementia is a horrible disease.