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Hi, My name is Caroline and I am new to carers uk. I care for my partner who has end stage liver disease and he has recently made a claim for pip.
We received the letter yesterday for a face to face assessment and because we have no experience of what to expect apart from the Atos horror stories we have read in the press,I wanted to post here and ask for some advice from anyone here who has gone through a assessment themselves.
Basically myself and my parents care for my partner. His cirrhosis is advanced and its effected his mobility, and day to day life. He needs 2 sticks to steady himself and cant move around without fatigue and pain in his limbs. His brain is effected because his liver cant clear out toxins so he gets confused and cant be left alone. he cant manage his medication or make a meal and is incontinent because of the medication he is prescribed to try and clear some of the toxins out by using a laxative and fluid retention medication. He has gastric varices that can burst leading to internal bleeding and his breathing is not good even when he is sat down. He cant bath himself my dad has to do that and he needs his commode near him all the time. I explained all about his condition and how is quality of life is not good at all in the application form we filled in but he has still got to go for a face to face.

Can anyone bring me up to date with how things are at the assessments as I am nervous about what to expect and want to be prepared. :?: :?: :(
If he is classified as terminally ill, there should be a fast track procedure.

It is probablyCapita that do PIP

Are they doing a home visit?
Request that they visit him at home, in the circumstances.
I think it is a company called Capita which does the PIP assessments.

I get PIP, and have had two home visits.

I was very pleased with my first assessment. I thought that the medical practitioner or Nurse who conducted it was very understanding
Colin_1705 wrote:If he is classified as terminally ill, there should be a fast track procedure.

It is probablyCapita that do PIP

Are they doing a home visit?

Its been sorted out that they are doing the face to face in the town where we live and the location they use is only across the road from our home. He is going to be going in a wheelchair which I will push,he is too unsteady, fatigued,and breathless to use his two sticks to walk across the road so using a wheelchair is the only option. My dad is coming with us to help me get him to the appointment and to show he is caring and supporting us,he will wait just outside the room while I take my partner in and be with him all the time.
With regard to the classification of being terminally ill, he has not been told he has only six months to live and that may be what dwp class as terminal however all the specialists and doctors who are involved in his care told him in feb this year that because of the damage classification of his liver he has 18 months to 2 years to live. theres nothing that can be done its beyond repair and its affecting other organs and body functions. he is on meds to help symptoms of the disease and is monitored very closely but it will only get worse
They call the people doing the assessments Medical Practioners I think from memory.

I found the person who came to my assessment was very empathetic and understanding of my condition.

They will ask what medication he is on, and what help he needs during the night
That's so sad to hear that, no matter what happens be strong and always pray for your mom.