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DLA to PIP -Carers UK Forum


All about money
The DWP stated that anyone on an indefinite award wont be invited to apply for PIP till October 2015, well it seems this isn't correct as on a FB page dedicated to ESA and DLA there are numerous people who have an indefinite award that have had a letter to apply for PIP, seems the government are moving the goal posts and not informing people. So we all thought we were safe till Oct 2015 and it seems not Image
I have taken a look at the PIP criteria, and they aren't too bad on paper, probably a significant improvement on DLA. Its worth remembering that DLA was heavily criticised by disabled people themselves, as well as many charities, and this reform goes some way towards addressing some of those concerns. The problems really arise at the margin, especially people who were formerly on a lower personal care award, as the government has stated their intention to remove 500,000 borderline cases from DLA entirely. This probably wont save them much money if they are in receipt of lower awards, merely raise the bar a bit.
I think the rates (hi-lo/care-mobility) are still a pretty blunt instrument, I'd much prefer to see a graduated sliding scale for both. But the new criteria if correctly assessed and applied, shouldn't hold any terrors for the vast majority of 35 hour+ carers. The evidence from the last two years is that the assessments have been rather haphazard and that many cases have been won at appeal, which I think demonstrates just how difficult it is to assess anyone's disability in a 20 minute consultation. Its easy to just blame Atos staff, but they are humans and are trying to achieve the impossible. Its at times like this that I am glad my son has a visible and widely accepted medical diagnosis, there are many other categories such as brain injury and depression that are very hard to assess. Its also worth bearing in mind that significant numbers of disabled adults are in full or part time employment, and still receive DLA/PIP, so the financial impact will vary greatly, being far worse for people who are already in relative poverty.
spoke to advocate and he getting us info but he said those on dla for indefinite will not have a problem with pip as he has clients that have not had problems I would look on gov.uk not fb for info as it will only worry you