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How to register as an unpaid carer - Carers UK Forum

How to register as an unpaid carer

All about money
Can someone please help? I've been caring full time for my mum who has alzheimer's for the last two years. I am still classed as self employed, as my husband and I have a business in both our names. I am, therefore, not entitled to any carer's allowance. However, I believe I am entitled to register as an unpaid carer, which does have benefits associated with it, i.e travelling with mum on a bus or accompanying her to national trust properties etc. Can anyone please clarify this situation and advise me on the procedure for registering. Many thanks.
My son with learning difficulties has a "Companion" Bus pass, so he and carer go free. It's part of the free travel scheme run by the local authority, the same that issues bus passes for pensioners.
The National Trust will give you a special membership card - can't remember what they call it, just give them a ring and they'll send it to you if mum is an existing member. Otherwise join the NT (25% discount if you sign up by direct debit at the moment) and then ask for the card. My son and I love our NT card, especially on holiday. He likes to whizz round the property, then end up eating some of their lovely food for lunch, and their loos are great too!

Without anyone asking for evidence, we've had discounts in lots of places. Just ask if they've got a "Carer Goes Free" scheme. I'd especially commend the West Somerset Railway, who are always great. Some places do Carer goes free, others do half price for each of you. Same Difference! Did you know mum is entirely exempt from Council tax on the grounds of "Severe mental impairment"?
Thank you for all the useful information in your reply, I certainly didn't know Mum would be exempt from council tax so I'll definitely look in to that in the morning. I was aware of the Companion bus pass, but I'm not sure how to prove that I am a carer when I don't receive a carer's allowance. Trips out are always a great way of spending time with Mum, many thanks for your ideas.
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The bus pass is in mum's name, allows anyone to accompany her, so you don't have to prove anything for yourself.