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ESA - correct rate with PIP? - Carers UK Forum

ESA - correct rate with PIP?

All about money
Hello all,

Your advice greatly appreciated.

I care for my sister: single, over 35, living alone, has never worked due to disability. She receives PIP enhanced daily living and standard mobility.

My question: she appears to be receiving too little ESA (£110.85/week) but has lost the letter so I can't immediately check the wording. Two benefits calcs both suggest she should be receiving ESA disability premia, so substantially more than this (c £160). Any thoughts?

What confuses me is that she has a 4-yr PIP award as disabled, so why wouldn't any premia she's entitled to be automatically paid in ESA?

I don't know whether her ESA is contribution- or income-based, but as she has not and does not work (but will have received credits from previous benefit claim), I imagine her ESA must be income-based and that she must be in the support group, as she's had no invitations to interviews etc over the last year...

She also received HB and CT Support.

Thanks so much,

Hi Marcus, my son is 36, never worked due to learning disability, and he receives the premiums. I would suggest writing for an explanation to DWP as soon as possible.
bowlingbun: Thank you.
Hi Marcus. I read your post with interest. My severely disabled 26 year old son receives esa (hasn't been pip assessed yet), at £125.05 per week. He had never worked, and gets higher rate Dla. Should he be receiving more?? Lesley
Be sure to ring the Carers UK helpline if there are any queries like this.
Looks rather low to me too. The best thing to do is get proper advice.
A lot depends on whether the person lives alone. If they do, receive middle rate care DLA or PIP standard care and no one claims carers for them then they can receive a substantial premium if on income related benefits. It's a bit of a minefield out there I am afraid. Despite ringing DWP three different times and talking to three different people, it wasn't until the fourth call someone understood what we were asking for when trying to sort out nephews benefits. You either need to go to CAB or get DWP to send you an ESA3 (finance/ income form).
Carers UK have a dedicated helpline. They helped me challenge a Carers Allowance Unit decision and enabled me to make a successful claim when the CA Unit said I wasn't eligible, so I'm happy to sing their praises. They deal with all benefits, not just CA.
Thanks for the kind replies. I've asked ESA awards to look at her case and to confirm whether she's on contribution- or income-based ESA, which I gather makes a difference (but I can't see why...) As she's on PIP enhanced care + stand mobility, I assume she SHOULD be in the ESA support group? That's not clear either so I've asked ESA to clarify (my sister mislaid her award letter, and she's been in and out of the support group so is confused (not helped by her mental health problem...) - but as she has a 4-yr PIP award and has not been requested for interviews etc, I assume she must be in the supp group...?

She lives alone and no-one received Carer's All for her.

Thanks so much and best wishes to you all as we try to get our heads round the benefits minefield! I THINK I understand PIP, but ESA seems pretty complicated!