ESA, Benefit cap Worries

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Aceso, that's an interesting way of summarising it, but nevertheless accurate, as I understand it. It is now absolutely crucial that our carees are receiving the right level of DLA. Taking time to understand the rules, taking advice from CUK etc. etc. is the way forward. From my own DLA claimed I had the real impression that the staff would reject any claim if one word or one sentence was either wrong or ambiguous. A junior member of staff looked at the initial claim, and only when you appealed did more senior decision makers get involved.
I agree about DLA being given at the lower rate now so people cant claim Carers, hubby has got lo rate care but I do everything for him, batn him, dress him, do his drugs and injections, cook for him etc etc and I wouldnt mind but I can only claim one Carers all which I get for Sarah despite caring for my Mother too! So I wouldnt be claiming off them Image I couldnt believe it when he only got low rate care but am afraid to appeal as so many times you hear of people losing the lot at appeal

I agree Dean the future is worrying, there is no way I could work caring for 3 people
bowlingbun , you are right , it is really important that people are on the correct rate now.rather than later . When i worked as a welfare rights officer, i spent all my time completing DLA and AA forms, it was a well known tactic NEVER EVER mention any form of housework on the form , and tick no for help with cooking, as on the next page you could put a person was double incontinent , in heart failure , but the written reason for turning down the claim would say , DLA was not awarded for housework!! or they would get the lower rate for cooking , even thou you had ticked no help needed!! sad, but very true, i'm afraid.
One lady was in heart failure, her lungs were filling with fluid at night , they turned her down, because she ' had an consultant and she was likely to get better ' lol!! Image
my personal and professional experience is this , if you disagree , then ask for a review, then appeal. Going to a tribunal is nothing to be afraid of, the panel are fair and prepared to listen and a high portion of appeals at tribunal get over turned and the DWP are~ indirectly~slated as time wasters.
the benefit caps will effect alot of claimants, but if we are to believe the reform papers, anyone in receipt of DLA , will not be effected by the cap.
So ...hidden agenda...change DLA ...assess assess assess ..then do not award PIP ...then everyone is effected by the cap...and hey presto ...£££ saved !! sorry to be so cynical . Image
thanks for all the responses, its clear to me that we have cause for concerns over the decisions that could be made by an we tick over for now, wat do we do for our plan b's? appeal is a must but that still will take time, what to do in the meantime. when i had to leave work we had no money comming to the household, rent wasnt being paid, had to go court, tis went on for 5 months until my partner got dla, and eventually esa. still waiting for the grouping still waiting for carers allowance. her current dla runs out in march so we will have to go all through it again. life is challenging enough wit out all this. the thought of going through that all over again is terrofying.were all still ajusting to life and trying to get some sort of normality, i mean, 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. we need to do something, or make someone listen to our/my concerns. any ideas????
was told this by someone who used to care foe someone:,
ok man has been claiming dla for about 6 years as has a back problem and it would appear quite severe, bad days and good days depending on meds working or not. has an assesment for his pip. was asked, do you go to the shops? man says sometimes. how do you get to the shops? man says walks with an aid, not far, 2minute walk. can you type? man says yes, can you read? yes. etc etc and guess what?? no dla. man can get a receptionist job!!!
really? how truthfull it is who knows but the person who was caring is now seeking job seekers, thats how our paths crossed. caree is now appealing.
scary........i am however going to take his with a pinch of salt, think more research is needed about this assesment interview. still thought i would share it.anyone else heard of anythig like that?
Hi, I_Carer. This story sounds fairly familiar but although it has elements of truth in it, it isn't about DLA - it must be about Employment Support Allowance.

DLA is paid to people whether they are working or not.

I've come across some interesting ESA cases, though, where the type of thing you've reported here has happened, or similar. But there are also a lot of scare stories out there - I think that what has happened is that so many people are scared they are hearing about what happened to one person, or possibly more than one, and spreading the story but they do get a bit distorted.

Even so, at my carers centre we've come across some real horror stories.
yes it is esa im talking about, and just found out they have stoped our esa today as her sick certificate ran out on the 31st dec, sent the new one but they have not recieved apparently.good start to the year and it aint started yet!! Image waiting for a call back bt i wont hold my breathe.