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ESA, Benefit cap Worries - Carers UK Forum

ESA, Benefit cap Worries

All about money
I am slightly concerned about the future of our money or my money i supose. ESA is so confusing, been over and over it in and think i have finally got it sussed. My partner is ill, so claims DLA. now that she has DLA i can now claim Carers Allowance. We dont get income support. we now get employment support allowance, well she does as its a joint claim.£111 per week paided fortnightly for both of us, so thats £55 each. Then i thought i would get £58 per week carers allowance, but as this is treated the same as me getting esa it is classed as an "underlying overlapping payment" so i will only be getting the premuim carers rate which is £30.22.right ok i get that now, so then after 14 weeks we will be "grouped" as to what empployment support allowance we will get after a medical assessment. can work or cannot work. but who?? my partner or me the carer? my partner cannot work and she needs 24 hour supervision so i cant go look for work either, she needs me not to mention our 3 children.so if they decide i need to work what the hell am i suppose to do???? leave my partner on her own with a 2 year old?? and take our kids to school, feed herselve which she cant. man its stressing me out just thinking about it. oh and have just recieved a letter saying our esa is now only £84 per week for both of us as "a change in money comming in" i can only assume thats because of the carers allowance i will be getting in january. so i wouldnt leave my partner for a second to do any of that, so i lose our esa???? thats not our fault is it. if i did the social are already in waiting to take our 2 year old into foster care coz if i did go to work my partner couldnt look after him. man oh man its such a stress, dealing with carering for my partner, dealing with the changes that have had to be made, bring up the children, money, and now the benefit cap to add more worrys to my already stressed head.i just hope they see we can struggle and put us in a support group catergorie for esa, then theres no worrys anymore, well only the dla which runs out in march, and we all now how a pain that can be. so until this all goes through im just gona carrying on with all this in the back of my mind, being a carer is a hard ob to do, why must they make it more harder with the worry they put on us.
thanks for the rant. Image
Dean, hi there. I'm moving this post to the Members section where I think more members may come across it and respond. Also sending you a pm.

Bell x
you are not alone , the future for everyone who claims ESA, DLA or Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit are all in the same boat. the future is unclear and uncertain.
Carers Allowance is "protected" from the reforms, so they tell us... but the people who need the care and are entitled to the above benefits are not...therefore Carers Allowance is, in an under handed way under attack from the welfare reforms.
get help ...you need to get the correct welfare rights advice from the citizens advice bureau, the carers helpline or community legal advice ....https://claonlineadvice.justice.gov.uk/

DONT get welfare benefit advice from the Jobcentre Plus or the DWP ...they are totally clueless when it comes to benefit advice Image
yes, do not get advice from the jobcentre, they fob you off and do not have a clue, its ridiculous as they are there to help us do the right thing but they just cause more mess unfortunatly. dont get me wrong i appreciate all the help financially the goverment do and understand the reforms need to be done, but....like you said its the uncertainties that cause the issues, will we be alrite? wont be? what to do if it goes wrong, thers no plan B when caring, you work with what you got, and as carers we have sacrificed so much of our lives to care with no real financial gain. where everyone else is buying the new sofas, new cars, even a new pair of shoes i feel i have nothing, cant even take the kids out for a day out like normal familys would do. as i cant afford to do anyting like that, then they cap it and what i am left with will have to go on council tax/rent.am i left with nothing?? maybe im being a little selfish, but i appreciate the so small things in life, now i worry i wont even have that, the little things that make who i am, and remind me of who i am. Caring has made me feel like a robot at times, and now maybe come april, a robot with no conections to recharge myself. again sorry for the rant. Image
Dean your not being selfish. Your concerned and worried and you have every right to be. x
I'm sure I've read on the forum that carers are exempt from being forced to work? Perhaps in the New Year once the chaos of Christmas has passed, CUK will detail a section on the site for benefit claimants concerned about the forthcoming changes. We all need far more facts and some worked examples from somewhere to get some idea of where to start. I deal with all my son's benefits as he can't read and write, and am trying very hard not to get stressed in advance. One thing is for sure, that once the changes start to be implemented, if we share information here, as we do most other things, we will be very well informed on how to get the best for our families.
Carers are exempt from being forced to work, except that if the person they care for is no longer considered as needing care, then the government will not recognise the carer and therefore all bets are off.

The best advice I can give is for people to use their local CAB, welfare rights service or the CUK helpline. But don't do it alone.
Charles is quite right and I second what he's said.
Charles wrote
Carers are exempt from being forced to work, except that if the person they care for is no longer considered as needing care, then the government will not recognise the carer and therefore all bets are off.
Trouble is it's a ridiculous anomaly that as a carer your caree could be (and usually is) in the ESA work related group, with what sounds like will be time limited... Image
The only route to being recognised " a carer" and entitled to carers allowance , is, if you look after a person, for 35 hours or more a week and they get the middle /higher rate care component , or any rate of Attendance Allowance.
Hence why so many DLA claims are given the decision of the lower rate care component, AKA 'the cooking test', so no Carers Allowance or Carers Premium can be awarded to anyone.
So with the new PIP replacing DLA , could mean a lower rate of entitlement , then many carers could potentially lose their entitlement to Carers Allowance.
If the person you care for only gets ESA and no DLA/AA .....there is no automatic entitlement to carers allowance....unless dear ole dave cam is intending to pull a white rabbit out of his hat and give all unpaid hidden carers recognition , regardless of which benefit the person they care for gets!!
oh well that aint going to happen is it? Image