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ESA Appeal - Page 6 -Carers UK Forum

ESA Appeal

All about money
Keep at it Crocus
Just watching BBC early morning TV. Apparently a report written by a group of MP's is highly critical of medicals etc. 40% of the decisions are changed on appeal. Bound to be more about this on the later news bulletins.
just saw that bowlingbun!! and it was also on ITV last night about the bedroom tax...but it needs to be on the tele everyday!!!!

frankly, i feel the media have participated for so long in " benefit bashing"...the public are not going to take any notice of our plight...but even so anything on tele is better than nothing.

I am still waiting for the dwp to let me know the decision of OH ESA claim since leaving work in January...they received the form on the 11 January , carers allowance is now being paid, tax credits stopped, but hey ho, the ESA is delaying...again.. Image ....my money is on they will write and say he been taken out of the support group , put in the work related group and needs to attend a medical...and I will appealing , along with that poor lady on the tele and crocus...grrrrr
Report here - conclusions section is interesting

http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p ... 44/744.pdf
Thanks Rosemary, only just had enough time to look at the last few pages, as yet. Unfortunately, too many rude words came into my head!!! I get so fed up with people who must have been trained by people like "Sir Humphrey". Need I say more?!?
We went to CAB on Wednesday and saw a very helpful and knowledgeable man. He went through all the stuff we had and checked out the problems. After chatting for a while to work out what the problem was he came up with the form to fill in and an outline of what to say and which pieces of evidence to send with it.
Havent done it yet as everything has gone a bit pear shaped at home, but will do it over the week-end
I definitely advise going to see CAB for help with this, he knew exactly what words and phrases to use and how to fill everything in.
Pleased you found a helpful, knowledgeable man at the CAB crocus. Unfortunately not all the CAB staff are as well trained and helpful.

Hope you get sorted soon.xx
glad the appointment was helpful crocus, don't give up , keep plugging away and ask the CAB for further help if you get stuck, now you are on their system , they will help you .

Our ESA in now back in payment , but just waiting for the recall on his ESA , but now having to deal with 25% deduction on housing benefit, hence why i am still up at a gawd awful hour, cant sleep , so wound up and angry and upset and fed up with all the cr8p we have to deal with ....OH says he is not moving, he would rather kill himself , and that is NOT funny coming from him ...believe me... Image
so depressed.
Aceso, (((Hugs))) from me, everything seems worse in the wee small hours of the morning.