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ESA Appeal

All about money
I have just reread through the 5 page initial letter that we got from DWP and, buried in all the small print, it says that we have to say why we are appealing the decision. We didnt do that in the letter we sent - just said that we wished to appeal. Image Image Image Image

Does this mean that we have missed the boat?

Feel really sick again. The lady at the jobcentre said that lots of people are no longer claiming ESA and she seemed to think they had been swinging the lead. Im wondering if they have given up in despair......
Hi Crocus, I didn`t explain myself very well, but LazyD has done it for me.

Certain DWP offices no longer receive mail to their office, the Royal Mail open it for them! There is therefore no signature to say they got any paperwork. RM always suggest you use the service, but this is just making money for them. End of the day if they have lost paperwork there is nothing to be done except send it again.

You shouldn`t lose out on appeal just because you didn`t tell them why, this is just quite new as last year no reason had to be given, just an appeal request.xx
I feel like giving up.

I cant get through to DWP, I cant prove they received my/hubbys letter appealing, CAB has not got back to me for an appointment and Ive just been on the phone to CAB about this and got the most unhelpful person who hadnt a clue what I was talking about and was obviously talking from a script. I have been told they will phone me back again for an appointment even though I explained that I have already been promised this and it didnt happen.

S0d it, whats the point
Hi Crocus
I've just found this thread from your direction on another. I'm on the early stages of this so I can't give you any constructive help or advice but I'm taking note in case I'm in the same situation as you in a few months.
I feel like giving up....... S0d it, whats the point
You don't really need me to tell you what the point is but, its because you and everyone else here knows that your OH has been placed in the wrong group, its unfair, its not right and despite the stress and effect on your own health you will continue to support and fight for the rights of your caree just as you always have done.
Hugs {{{{{{{{Crocus}}}}}}}}}, hope you get a breakthrough soon, hang on in there Crocus this is not beyond you.
Crocus, I had the same experience with CAB, they were bloody useless and after the initial appointment, I decided to go it alone. She hadn't even heard of ESA at the time and hadn't looked it up even though she knew what I was coming to see her about.

You can do it, you just need to get through one day at a time. Barstewards had the same effect on me but you can win the battle AND the war.

You won't let them beat you x
[quote]Crocus wrote]

awwwh hun...please do not give up!! that is EXACTLY what they want you to do!!! Yes , its true , the DWP appear to be fed up ( as are we all!) the ever increasing numbers of appeals , a right everyone has or had, but it seems they are making it harder, an ex colleague of mine is a Macmillian Welfare Rights Advisor, and has years of experience , is now being asked to be more specific on the REASON for appeal, she is also struggling with the obvious, so please do not feel you have done something wrong, or c*cked up in some way, you haven't!! may i suggest you print of a GL24 form again and resend it , and just say you disagree with the decision as they have made an error in law with the decision by not considering all the facts! end of.
and can i just explain what is happening to the CAB and put something in their defense, I worked for many years at the CAB , I did this as they helped me big time when my OH had a stroke and I had no where to turn for help. But since the cuts , all charities , including the CAB are effected, our council which funded our CAB had its funding cut by 48% ..
8 experienced paid advisers were made redundant , we calculated between us we had over 100 years experience! in our place , are volunteers, who receive very little training, they have limited knowledge, all they need to do is, answer the phone, ask a few questions, signpost or refer again for an in depth appointment.Its called "Gateway"...and whereas , previous volunteers were , retired lawyers, managers, graduates or just like me, people who really wanted to be there, they are now sent by the jobcentre, limited education, and the charity has to accept all the help they can get, as a result , those in greatest need are not getting the service and help they need! so sorry Crocus , I am following your posts closely , as I know DWP and ATOS have their cannon aimed our way too...i am just waiting for them to fire it! please please do not give up, keep plugging away, hope you have a better day today Image
Well, the CAB has phoned back offering an appointment on next Wednesday, so Ive taken it. I did check up that she knew what ESA was first Image . She said she had some experience of it but her tone said she had had a lot of experience. Im sure Im not the only one.

Thanks for your support Aceso, ladybird and Jane. I really dont know if it will ultimately do any good, but Ill keep going.
Hi Crocus,
The CAB are spending a lot of time dealing with ESA claims and appeals now, so I'm sure they'll know their stuff. Good luck x
Attagirl Crocus Image
Let's see what this CAB lady comes up with on Wednesday.
great news crocus!! believe it , you are so not alone!! but even so , knowing this , does not lessen the worry and anxiety on a daily basis, and as one carer to another , i am good when it comes to advocating for someone else, but when it comes to my own issues i am not so good, as my daughter saw the other day, me getting really STRESSED on the phone to the DWP as they said a decision maker would call back that day and never did , then said "oh well , call again tomorrow , but you can only call us once a day" !! grrrr Image

it will help if you take your original decision letter the one which said your OH was put into the work related group , a copy your letter you sent and proof of posting , and any other letters which you have received since, including any medical certs from your GP /hospital. They will use these as evidence as a form of formal complaint if you want them too..also for the appeal. Image

chin up girl , don't let the bar stools grind you down!! x Image