Esa and Suspended Carers

All about money
I've received Esa since 2012, and my partner got carers as well as he is my carer due to my health.
He started working Aug 2016, until May 2017 he still got Carers. They notified us that due to his wage he was ineligible anymore, and after going to a jobcentre appointment, where we gave all the evidence they asked for (wage slips and bank statements) we asked to have the claim cancelled.

We recently found out (from esa reassessment letter notifying us of current esa rate we get) that we were still getting carers deducted from my esa. We rang esa and after 4 days were told to contact carers.
I spoke to them and they said that the claim hadn't been cancelled, it had been suspended instead. They then told us we had been sent forms to fill in to stop the deductions from esa, we haven't ever received any forms.
Yet it was confirmed that the whole time we've been losing carers from my esa. (62.70per week then £64.60 per week) due to their error.
I asked about back dating and we were told we now have got to get all my partners wage slips (he stopped working 30/12/18, as we are moving to another city, and my health has worsened) plus bank statements and another form sent in. I argued that on their own policy it states we can cancel a claim or if a claiment isn't in contact then it should be cancelled by a dm.
But it was still deducted as they didn't cancel the claim as requested (or via lack of communication) as the dm hadn't looked at it. The limit is 1 month of no communication on suspended cases, equals termination. Yet it wasn't done that way either.
It was blamed on a back log.
Either way since May last year we have still been having carers deducted from esa, but not paid us. We received no carers, yet it was still taken from my esa.

Can I get any of the money backdated? Or refunded as, as far as I'm aware, if you don't get carers paid it shouldn't be deducted
Welcome lscalow,

Do know that while we know a thing or two much of it is through having negotiated the system ourselves, and in all cases we would always recommend going through official channels such as CAB (linked below) for matters regarding DWP as they are fully dedicated to dealing with enquiries of this nature. They are also a potential HUB of sorts for accessing other services.

I believe they (DWP) have the capacity to back date to a point, in cases where the error is on their end.
The way you have been treated by them sounds grossly inappropriate yet matches up to the level of contempt they have for people coming to them for any sort of assistance.

However with that in mind I would still encourage you to Contact Citizens Advice Bureau who will have more "live" information on the process involved. Try to locate your nearest one.

As with any new member of the community I would also ask if you were receiving the right level of support at home for both yourself and your partner, not just in terms of financial (which you clearly have in hand) but the practical/hands on side.

Things like carers assessment and adaptations to the home for instance.

Best wishes and perhaps see you around :)