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ESA and DLA in college? - Carers UK Forum

ESA and DLA in college?

All about money
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

My daughter who is 16, has mental health problems and receives DLA at middle care, is going to college in September on a foundation course-entry level 3/level 1.

I have not been sure about claiming ESA for her as in some ways she is capable of working, but is unlikely to get a full time job due to her anxieties and other mental health difficulties.

However yesterday I was told I should definately apply by her connexions worker. My difficulty now is: it says in several places that she can get ESA at college as long as she gets DLA. But it also seems to say that she needs a medical certificate stating - I assume - that she is too sick/ill to work. Her illness is a mental health one and I do not think the gp is going to write a sick note ( not sure I blame her if she doesn't ).

So, does she really need to have the sick note when she is a young disabled person ( wouldnt get DLA if not disabled! ), and is going to college? She will be doing so called full time-3 days per week.
Try emailing our helpline, they should be able to give you the correct information.

http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice ... ax-credits
Nina my daughter is going to college in September for the exact same course, shes 19 and on full rate DLA care component and we get good tax credits for her as my hubby is disabled and also a pensioner, if she went on esa we would lose a fortune but it states on the tax credits that they can continue to get them till 20 if on a college course that's not higher education which it isn't. We got a letter about enrolment at college yesterday and dla isn't one of the things that gives free fees so there are learner assisted funds so I am hoping to get that till she reaches 20 and I have to claim esa for her.
We don't get tax credits-few pounds over the limit somehow I think. So it will be better for her to get ESA. GP has given her a certificate for 3 months so we will see what happens now. I seem to remember we had all sorts of trouble when we first applied for my son. He wasn't going to college as he could not cope with it so we had to go thru the ATOS assessment as well with him. They also kept asking for more medical certificates even tho the first one had not run out! I so hate doing all this.