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How can I apply for ESA for my son. I tried this a long while ago and he got some payment for about two weeks then it stopped. It is no good them saying he needs to go to an interview at the job centre on a regular basis. He is severely autistic and not travel aware.
Is he in receipt of PIP? How old is he?

My son is now 38, he has severe learning difficulties, used to be entitled to DLA and Income Support, recently transferred to PIP and ESA without any problem, without any interviews. Have you actually applied for ESA yet?
At the moment my son gets DLA low rate which was awarded indefinitely.. we've not had to go down the PIP path just yet. Yes, I did apply for him with ESA. I very long conversation and application on the phone. I think he got two weeks worth. Didn't hear anything more. By all means I can take him down for an interview!! Everything just stopped.?
That doesn't sound right. Follow it up and ask for an explanation.
Will do. Thank you ;)
Meant to add - he is nearly 24
I just wondered if the ESA process was wrongly being a bit 'one size fits all' and they were expecting him to send in 'fit notes' (sick notes) from the GP. I had to send them in regularly until I had had my Work Capability Assessment.
Squibs, are you his DWP "appointee"? If they paid it to start with, and then stopped it, they should have written to you explaining why it had been stopped.
Ask for an appointment with the Disability Specialist Adviser at the Job Centre for you to attend with your son.

Or book an appointment at CAB
It looks as though, possibly, a letter from them DWP has gone astray in the post..