All about money
Hi.. i need advice on who is responsible for the yearly servicing and maintaining my 12 yr olds hoisting and lift .. as i am on carers allowance and unemployed .. but there asking me for the payments.. i live in a council house adapted by social services..the social services said there not responsible .. other carers are saying they are.. i am confused.. thanks... :
Hi Debbie.

One for SHELTER , the acknowledged experts om social housing : ... tion_homes

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My wife's hoist is serviced twice annually by the provider, there's been nothing to repair up to now, but no charge for servicing and nor would I expect there to be.

We have no contract with them as such, so there's no basis for any charges, it's just supplied free.
A real post code lottery , AyJay.

There are guidelines ... as set out in the SHELTER link but ... no one size fits all contract / terms and conditions in force nationwide.

Under one LA , repairs may be free ... under another , liability falls on the tenant.

Much will depend on what's in the ( 1 ) tenancy agreement ... and ( 2 ) any service contract signed before installation.

One element not mentioned ... household insurance ... any possible help there if it's needed ?